Usually a quiet and reserved person when it comes to my opinions and thoughts, especially to the public, now it seems that silence shouldn’t be such a prominent option nowadays.

I tend to think, reflect and research a fair amount of the time, so the things I share here, especially under the category of “Personal Observations” have a great deal of credible research material – usually shared in the posts, but not always.

Parts of my background that have served me well are:  freelance writer, which included research and investigative writing; holistic therapist; metaphysical lecturer, teacher and practitioner; and a few other occupations and interests.

I do hope whatever is posted will cause you, the reader to think of things, of life differently – to see your life in a different perspective and broaden your views and choices.  Occasionally I won’t mind engaging in a discussion!

Also worthy of note:  It is my intent to give ideas, suggestions and hopefully guide you to a better life.  Everyone has their own belief systems, but at the core of our different beliefs is (or should be), love.  If you understand anything about frequencies and how they function in our lives, please understand that I may on occasion use an image or video to grab your attention, but it’s not meant to give you a sense of fear or despair – negativity is not where I’d like to take you.  So ask yourself, “What is the frequency of love?”Innocence

There is a lot of discussion of, “What is love?  What is unconditional love?”  The best example I know at the moment is that of a baby – human, cat, dog, bear, tiger, lion, et al.  At birth and shortly thereafter, we experience love without boundaries; without prejudice.  As we age, we learn the prejudices that exist around us, and in so doing, we lose the innocence of unconditional love.

I hope the posts within this blog will remind you of what we’ve lost and can regain when we remember to return to innocence.

January 2015


In case you didn’t know, I’ve been hosting a podcast, as well as live interviews via the station name of, K WAVe 6 Radio.  Presently, the podcast’s are titled, “Thoughts for Growth”.  New podcast’s are posted Monday’s, Tuesday’s, Thursday’s and Friday’s.  These segments last for the maximum of 15 minutes each day, but usually less.  On Wednesday’s, the internet radio broadcasts are interviews which last from typically one to two hours.  Click the link above to visit the website.

I’m returning to post here more often – I enjoy this better, even though it takes more time to type than to speak!

All the best, always!

Think and Grow!


5 thoughts on “About

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  2. Getting people to think for themselves and to stop conforming to the thwarted patterns of this world is a beautiful thing.
    Innocence is being stiffled by the society and morality is being reformed to suit selfish ends. I love what I’ve seen so far on your blog and hope to keep exploring.


    1. Thank you Tee Cee:

      I really appreciate your comment. While I know I’m not alone in my thoughts, it’s nice to hear/read comments like yours. Have a wonderful weekend!

      All the best – always!


  3. Love as I have come to live by, for, and in, is not an emotion. It is in my belief and practice a state of being much more encompassing them a mind frame. I feel this fire one simple statement I uttered not more than a year ago. The cliched comment “you cannot love others until you love yourself” is far truer than those who say it conceive. To love yourself truely you must realize and accept the connectivity of all things in and beyond existence. You must then acknowledge and love each and everything there in to love yourself. Love is not an emotion that comes and goes, or brings people together as one. It is a difficult but rewarding beyond compare truth which you must find within yourself.


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