Addressing Two Present Issues

Of all the issues facing us today, here are two things which we see, whether we notice them or not.

One of the things we don’t do today is, discuss. I’m leaving the discussion box open… if necessary.

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A Case of Responsibility, Credit and Blame

As most of you know, I consider myself to be apolitical:  I have a few friends that disagree with my view of myself, but as I argue this with them, the only thing I can say to defend myself is, if I hear it and/or see it, I’ll remember it.  So, whatever I hear or see in the news, or other sources, I’ll remember it and compare it to what is known, what I already know, and what I’ll eventually learn.

What I’d love to see in this election year are people who actually know why there is such heated debates, if not arguments over which candidate is the best and what the presidents actual duties and abilities are.  As I wrote about this before, contrary to seemingly popular belief, you don’t elect a president to be your dictator for four years!  As a matter of fact – if you know your constitution, you’ll know that congress and the senate run the country – and since the Republicans gained control half-way through President Obama’s term in office, this is when his real problems started… but not only his problems, our problems.  In short, the president is the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, and the leader – or if you prefer – the representative of the U.S.  It’s easier to have one person representing a nation or even a business than taking the whole of congress and the senate (in business, the board of directors) to a meeting.

In politics as well as religion – the two subjects that can get most people in really hot water – there are discussions that people take credit for all the wonderful things they or their “side” does, but those same people are very reluctant to take responsibility for all the ill’s they, or their “side” have done; it’s akin to taking all the glory, but none of the responsibility for any failures.

No matter what country you live in, if your country is having elections of any kind, please take the time to know what your constitution allows, supports; what your candidate of choice actually stands for, know his or her moral character (without morals, everyone will suffer whatever ill’s that person brings to the office you elected them too), and know their short-comings.  To give a hint – by now most everyone world-wide knows how much Mitt Romney “flip-flops”, so I ask you, how do you think the leaders of other nations will take to Mr. Romney when he says one thing, but with his current record of changing his mind on a whim… are those national leaders going to feel secure that his word is his bond?  You decide.

Whomever you elect to your political offices, if they run their office well, by all means, take credit for their success:  if they drop the ball, and kick it instead of picking it up and correcting their mistake(s) – if they “line their pockets” the those of their friends, political or corporate while others suffer, take the blame and do something about it… besides complain and “pass the buck.”  You elected that person into office and most constitutions allow you to, in one form or another, to remedy the wrongs of that leader.  Just know who your enemy is before taking action.


Just as a closing note:  it is my plan to write an open letter to Mr. Mitt Romney about things that we all see and know about him… I actually hope he does read it.  I’ll show much more respect to him as a person and as a candidate than he is showing to the incumbent president.  The views I present will be my own, but for those that know my style by now, I’ll do my best to provide facts, not just opinions.

Have a wonderful day!