Open Letter to the RNC (Republican National Committe)


I feel it necessary to let you know why I am no longer a member of your party. This has been a long time coming for me: I grew up in the Republican Party and it was a living, breathing part of my life. For more than a decade now, you have actively cultivated and nurtured a culture of Ignorance and Intolerance to the point now that you have no control over the party. Ignorance and Intolerance have now come home to roost and with a seat at the table, which you can no longer deny as a result of you encouragement.

It astounds me that suddenly you’re floored and you collectively want to throw a member of your own Party  under the bus because he spoke the truth. Yes I am speaking of Congressman Akin; make no mistake, he did not “misspeak “, he said what the Party views have long nurtured and cultivated, and now has brought it to the forefront of the Party Platform. This is not just Congressman Akin’s own radical thought process, it is in fact the same rationale that many, including Paul Ryan, Mitt Romany, just to name a few, have. Akin used the term “Legitimate Rape” and Paul Ryan coined the term “Forcible Rape”.  Now he is the VP nominee.

You claim that there can be no exception for Rape or Incest or in the case of the mother’s life because you “value “all life yet most of you are for the death penalty. Please help me understand: in the case of the 15 year old girl in the Dominican Republic (which by the way has a constitutional amendment prohibiting abortion of any kind for any reason) how this protected the child she was carrying ? We not only lost her young life, but that of the baby to which both died as a result of delayed chemo treatments.  Now they may not have saved the mother in the end but it damn sure might have prolonged her life for awhile.  How do you justify the loss of that girl’s life in favor of the babies, which by the way, was also lost?

Now let’s be clear, I am not by any means advocating the extreme left’s position on abortion either. What I am saying is that you should take into consideration that most of us women are capable of making the right choice when it comes to our bodies, after all, the notion of women as property, to be doled out and controlled is border line Christian and Islamic fundamentalism.  You claim to be for less big government, and less regulation right up until it comes to my body, then you are all about it.

When you became the party of Right-wing Christian Fanatic´s, you made the choice easy for me. When you became the Party of voter suppression you made it clear to me that my rights as an American citizen stop where your religious morals prevail. That in some cases 60 years after the fact, we are having to rehash long dead, fought and won battles which in almost every case, bettered this country. That you would rewrite what a great nation we were, into some kind of embarrassing mockery of what our Founding Fathers stood for.  You made it Important for me to actively speak out against you.  To educate free of charge all those who will listen, to actively encourage all those in my life who have cared not to vote before, to vote now before we wake up in 1950’s version of Soviet America with no way out.

When you collectively stand quiet while your candidate Dictates what people may or may not ask him with regards to abortion, Congressman Akin, and not least of all his stance on taxes are despicable to say the least. “Pride cometh before the fall”, and  it will be hard when it comes. What your party has become in the last decade should be shameful to you all, though I suspect by your behavior you do not see it. You have been openly disrespectful of the office of the President of the United States, you have sought to destroy a man for nothing more than the, yup I am going to say it, color of his skin:  you made it clear you would do nothing to help this country while he was in office and you have shown us just how far you are were willing to go to get that done: you as a collective Party  cost this country its credit rating:  you as a Party continue to push us to the edge: you all voted for the sequestration bill and now that your “do nothing” attitude has forced these consequences you are again refusing to sleep in the bed you made.  You have become the party of “no responsibility” and I will no longer be a part of that.

These are but just a few of the Issues I have with what you have become, but these are the most important ones to me and my children’s futures.


Heidi M. Bryant

Former Republican