Mastering Self – My Notes

While the audio version of this is airing in podcast on K WAVe 6 Radio, here are my notes for that podcast:

  1. Living in a time when hedonism and narcissism is rampant;
  2. Degrees, diplomas, certificates… anything that speaks of our importance/differences, things that separate, not unite – the documentary Kumaré;Steve+Allen+0001
  3. An inability, or lack of desire to see what is in plain sight, or hidden [though it’s easy to see] – mass media, alternative media – our own ability to discern;
  4. Yielding to popular thoughts and ideas – not learning [because we’re too busy conforming];
  5. Purchasing [material goods] without regard to [the cost on the ecology in] manufacturing;
  6. Spiritual leaders ignored – some should be – the ancient [spiritual leaders that were true leaders for the good of all] were ignored;
  7. Are you a leader, follower, or an individual?
  8. Community vs. Individuality.  Can you be an individual in a/your community?
  9. Can you be “saved” or “ascend” as a community, or only as an individual?

The sentences with square brackets “[ ]” have been added so you can have a better idea of my thoughts.

I hope the nine lines above help you in your quest to Master Yourself.

All the best! 

The Choices We Have, Make and Must Live With

First of all, allow me to apologize for not posting more often.  Many times I have thoughts I’d love to write about, but for any one of many reasons, or excuses, they never appear here.

This morning, when I awoke, the following thoughts were on my mind; thoughts that actually started yesterday, developed into a couple of pictures being put together, then quoting myself.  I then posted that picture-quote in one of my other blogs.  I thought that would be the end of those thoughts, but gladly, they’re not.

Many of us have grown up reading and have been taught the various “stories” of creation and their meanings, and the “story” of how the fall of humanity happened and what that means to us.  Building from that thought, without posting quotations, I invite you to consider the following.

In simple form, Adam and Eve were created in, and to live in the quintessential paradise, a ‘Heaven on Earth’.  Our Creator told them in simple terms, “You can consume anything in the garden that you want (He even whet their appetites with all that grows there), but DON’T eat the fruit of just ONE particular tree.

Okay, now that we have the basic’s reestablished, let’s move on.

Let’s take a look at somethings that most of us overlook, but also are the main thoughts I’m presenting for your consideration:

  • Adam and Eve were created perfect and given paradise
  • They knew nothing else
  • What was life like before their choice?
  • Why did Eve choose as she did?
  • Why did Adam choose as he did?
  • The end results

… sounds long doesn’t it?  😀  It won’t be… continue on 😉

Imagine (“… if you will…”) a place full of color, no pollution and nothing to stick you, including possibly not even a mosquito.  Imagine seeing not only the physical splendor of your home, but beyond that… energy flowing, ebbing… colors we can barely imagine now, because our physical eyes, hearing and all other senses have limitations – that is, they only respond to certain stimuli – light, sound – vibrations/frequencies.  With the ability toEve-Choice experience the world in such a broad spectrum, is there any wonder that they noticed after eating that forbidden fruit, their senses have become dulled? With the ability to see energy flowing everywhere, including being the ‘clothing’ they knew, then the ability now gone, wouldn’t you notice that you are “naked”?  Does this sound far-fetched to you?  Why?  After all, the text does say that they, Adam and Eve were created in our Creator’s likeness, yes?

There they are, two perfect beings living in a perfect place.   They even had somethings to do – keep the place up, care for all that was created before them, and enjoy.  They had only one limitationdon’t eat the one thing that will bring your fall from perfection.

So, why did they make that fateful choice?  They knew nothing else.  Many people I know love to say, “The Devil made me do it!”  For sure, that’s the easiest way to ‘solve’ the question, blame someone else, but that doesn’t work.  They were created perfect, in a perfect place – they knew nothing of death, degeneration, and the world has never appeared any different to them… till after they ate the wrong thing.  So why did they ‘sin’ [miss the mark] ?

I’ll venture to say that it was curiosity.  Their personal curiosity that was such a strong “feeling” that the desire became their “god” [of the moment].  That ONE thing that took them away from their simple duty, obligation to self;  that which kept them close to The Creator.  Their decision, no matter whether it was a serpent that tempted Eve, or Adam felt he couldn’t live without Eve – for whatever reason he chose to follow her, he did.  Their personal desires purposely or not, challenged the one law/rule/limitation given them, and that was THEIR choice that brought their fall.

We have choices to make several times per day.  YOUR choices take you and those around you down a path of no return – unlike a computer which you can erase a program, or delete a letter, number, sentence, paragraph, and so on.

If you want a better life, consider your choices… remember your choices and your simple rules and laws in life:

  1. You already know what is right and wrong, even if someone taught you differently.  Life and Love are the most precious things, or “commodities” (if you like to think in this manner) given us.  Neither are to be used as instruments of control over others;
  2. We don’t have time-machines, so we can’t undo what has been [or will be] done.  Choose well;

If you want a better life, make it start with your thoughts, then make your actions follow the best of your thoughts and decisions lest you fall from your current…


The past is gone – unchangeable, so don’t become depressed:

The future hasn’t arrived, so don’t be anxious.

Live the present moment.  Be happy, love life and all others, starting with our Creator to the smallest creature.  Think of it this way:  All life has one source and like you, all has an individual purpose.

As always,

All the best!

Passion for Emotional Release

I often wonder what drives people to answer, or respond to life’s questions and statements.  Today, I got a smattering of an answer.

One of my dear cousins in Europe was posting in facebook, and it seemed that she was a bit frustrated with people correcting her, and/or making judgments about her posts.  We Thinking2essentially got into a conversation about some things we know to be true, but many of the “general public” know little to nothing about, but are more than happy to make assumptions upon from what can be only be termed as willful ignorance.

Another [recent] friend in facebook seems to have a penchant for “stirring the pot”.  At first, it seemed odd that she would say some of the things she does, but when I answered with information I can reference, she didn’t counter my statements.  I eventually asked her if she was “stirring the pot” for the sake of conversation… she pretty much (not directly) admitted that she does so on purpose.  What I’ve found interesting in what she does is, she makes statements [usually] or questions that purposefully get under peoples “skin”.  What’s most interesting is what happens next – people reply from their emotions, not from logic, not with material that can be proven, mostly just emotional responses.

If I were taking a survey on how most people respond to information contradictory to a segment of society’s beliefs, or questions that can inflame tempers, I’d say that from these two sources – and probably many others – I’d have my answers: people respond to most stimuli through emotions.

Now, my question is, do people respond through emotions because it is something of a personal nature, or a lack of information?

… oh, I may as well ask one more question:  how do emotional responses affect the world in which we live?

Creationist vs. Science – WHY?

Here is a debate/fight that I fail to understand…

… if for no other reason, if you don’t agree, how about trying to UNDERSTAND what you don’t agree about – even if you still don’t agree, you’ll understand:

Or is it that you feel the need to make everyone believe as you do?  You do know that is called conformity, right?  Also, you do realize that no one will ever get the whole world to agree on more than just the basics – there is air, water… etc., right?

Or is it that you’re (creationists) stubborn in your beliefs that you think our Creator will go to you and tell you if your understanding is incorrect?  If you have a direct link to our Creator, then it’s time to prove it… not prove that it’s written, just that you are correct.  If you can’t, accept differences, that’s what this life is about.

My further comments are in this video:

What We Created

I know, it’s been a long time since I’ve written anything, but it’s not for a lack of things to write about.  I’ve found myself in a similar situation to that of many in the world today – concerned about the world we live on and in. Some of my “down-time” was spent in getting to know my thoughts, and why I had them, then I spent a lot of time remembering and putting back into action something that is so crucial to my life, and everyone’s, “How do I want to live?”

Through little fault of our own, our lives become influenced through the association with others, through our media sources, our sources of entertainment, etc., which seems “hell-bent” on telling us how awful life is, and all the bad things that exist in the world.  This gives wind to the conspiracy theorist and their beliefs in the doom and gloom of the world (I even got swallowed up in that to a degree) all because I/we want someone to “Press the Reset Button.”  All of us know that life sucks everywhere on this planet.  I for one would absolutely love to live somewhere where the air is clean, clean water can be consumed from it’s sources, and foods aren’t contaminated, and those I live near are very intelligent, that is,  we can learn from each other and care for our “space” in the world without concerns of life, health and liberty.  Another thing I can definitely live without – MONEY!  However, there is no such place in our current world.  Even if you can find a society that fits your idea of perfection, climate change is wreaking havoc everywhere.

Before I get to my point, please follow me in a little history – from my point of view:

According to Biblical history, our Source of life created a perfect world – then the Source gave each of us “free will”.  Well, some of you may be saying already that this was a mistake; I’d disagree.  Unless you’re out to create robots, you’d want to create something that has a will of its own, while maintaining some control since you’d already know the capabilities of your creation.   Why not?  Mankind has been working at creating Artificial Intelligence for decades now – our own “god complex”.  This same Source gave us very simple “rules” to live by and if followed, life would still be perfect.  Incidentally, with all the instructions given then, there was never any instructions, nor any mention of, “I’ve created all that is AND I created this religion for you to follow, and if you don’t, surely you will die.”  I can’t speak for anyone else, but my father never demanded that I worship him, but he was always close to me as a father, and as a friend, and he was there to listen to me, and help me.  I see our Source as being very similar – not demanding and aloof, leaving his intent for me in the hands of others.

Okay, moving on:  One very simple “don’t” was given us which like children, we had to go find out, “Is He serious?”, then we found out the hard way, “Yep, He was, and is.”  Well, if you were told not to touch a hot stove, but you do, you’ll bear that burn, physically and/or in memory for the rest of your life (okay, even with plastic surgery, you’ll know why it was done, and where), so consider our lives to be the burn mark all of us have to bear.

Part two of our grandest mistakes was violence (Cain and Able), then part three was MAS violence:

Genesis 6:12-14

King James Version (KJV)

12 And God looked upon the earth, and, behold, it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth.

13 And God said unto Noah, The end of all flesh is come before me; for the earth is filled with violence through them; and, behold, I will destroy them with the earth.

… sounds a bit like our current time, doesn’t it?PrisonPlanet-TforG

We’ve created our own prison planet – in more ways than one.

Where all of this becomes confusing is where people have their different versions of what may happen in the future.  There is one thing I know, if our Source doesn’t press the “Reset button”, we will end our own lives through our own violence toward each other, no matter if it’s from greed, avarice, etc.  Incidentally, if you really want to know how “prophecies” were fulfilled, most – but not all – were the product of natural earth phenomenon, instead of some great hand in the sky reaching in to create havoc.

What is the real reason for losing “Paradise”?  Was it disobedience?

What goes before disobedience?  What goes before obedience?

What goes before all action?


What do you think about during your day – your night?

Do you think about all the ill’s of the world?  How poor you are?  Do you hate others?  If yes, why?  Is hatred making the world a better place? Do you think about all the things you hope won’t happen?  Are you one that lives in fear, and that’s what you think about most of the time?  If you’re answering “Yes!” to these questions… do you see a pattern?

What you think about is what you’re going to get.  If you’re thinking a lot about the past, that’s where you’re living and you’re not living in the now.

If you’re thinking a lot about the future and suffering anxiety because of the unknown, again, you’re not living in the present – we only have this moment.

People, learn your lessons from the past, then let the past be the past.  There have been many people I grew up with that continually wanted to take me back to the past – I ended up leaving them in the past so I can live now and plan and work for my future.  As for our future; say what you want, then let it go.  In my experiences, if you dwell on the future too much, you sink into anxiety.

To close this thought, what I hope you’ll understand from this entry is to see your problems as solvable issues which start with thoughts of, “How can I make this better?”, then finding the solution(s) and acting on them.  Throughout the day and night, and especially in the mornings as you get out of bed; in the evenings before you go to bed, take time to relax your mind, your thoughts and think of what you have, in gratitude, and give thanks for what you have, and what is yet to come.  Listen to that still/calm voice that is within you and follow its lead – that still/calm voice doesn’t lie… if you’re thinking too much and not listening to that still/calm voice, therein are the lies, you’re hearing your own thoughts. Making the mind quiet, letting yourself be free, this is called meditation.  Your body needs rest, so does your mind, your soul… give it some time… quality time, you’ll even sleep better because of this.

If you continually think of all that is wrong, you’ll create more “Wrong” and I think we’ve had enough of that.

So, continuing with what we have been given….

… it’s YOUR choice.

2013 Update

For those that are still subscribed to this blog – GOOD NEWS!  (possibly)

First of all, allow me to apologize for not continuing my blogging: I got burned-out from blogging five days per weeks and working on other things.

Secondly, since some other plans didn’t work out as I had hoped, I’ve created the Your Thoughts Your Reality Radio (YTYR Radio) program, which the blog entries that appear YTYR-Logo-Largebelow are coming from.  This is an internet based show which is currently being archived in YouTube and soon, in other locations as podcast’s.

We – my co-hosts and I – hope that you will follow the blogs which will become a five day a week entry (one per day from each host) and our bi-weekly shows on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s.  For more information, click on the second “Home” tab in the navigation bar above.  I’ve had our YTYR Radio information imported to this blog page, so pardon me for any confusion that occurs from the combination of tabs in the above nav bar.

If you wish to contact me or my co-hosts, there is a “Contact” page in the new site and so much more.

We hope to see you there!

All the best, always!

K. William Spencer – YTYR Radio

Self Defining Moments

Now that the “holiday season” is over and done with, life starts to return to “normal”, whatever that means for you, please allow me to pose a thought that seems to be a recurring theme in my life – what defines you?

I seem to be surrounded by people who are constantly encouraging consumerism and conformity, to some degree or another.  What do I mean?car

A person close to me has constantly insisted that I should have a car, “… because people think that you’re poor if you don’t have one.”  In my youth, I had many cars and even a 4 X 4 that I actually used off-road in mountains: I even had two vehicles at a time, and a motorcycle – a 11oo cc. motorcycle that straight from the factory went from 0 to 60 mph in 2.8 seconds – two houses in the suburbs and much more.  For me, these were not things that defined me, others may have defined me by my possessions, but for me, they were experiences that I lived and at the time, enjoyed.smartphones

Now days, a vehicle still brings “social status“, likewise for cellular phones and computers.  Clothes have always provided a semblance of social status and the same is said for your residence.  Where you vacation and how you do it.  Social status for many is the pinnacle of self accomplishment.  Compared to the masses, I know very few that get what they want merely for need or selfgratification.

Property refers to the sum total of one’s possessions, as well as their regular income. It goes beyond income as a measure of social class, as it reflects wealth accumulated (e.g., homes, stocks, bonds, savings) in addition to one’s earning potential. Property is a better overall measure of social class than income, as many individuals who are considered wealthy actually have very small income, and those with less property tend to have less power and prestige.

So, here we are with another set of questions:clothes-women

  • Is money the root of all evil?
  • Is having possessions bad?
  • How much is enough?
  • Is the social status we gain by possessions positive?
  • Is the gain of social status via greed honorable?

There are more questions I can pose, but let’s review these briefly.stylish-men

Is money the root of all evil?  My answer is, no.  Money is one of the two things that people value so much, but was not in the creation process in any scripture.  Money is just a tool – a tool that can help, hinder or kill.  It is the conscious thoughts, then actions that make this tool what it is.  On the negative end of this thought, there’s a song that came out in 1973 that speaks – ok, sings – about the evils of money – you decide.computers

Is having possessions bad?  No.  Like money, possessions are tools and how they’re used makes their perception good, or bad, but the fact is, they’re just objects.  Too much of anything is wasteful and creating possessions has to come from somewhere, so how many possessions must we have before we consider the destruction of our home, planet earth, to be too much?

How much is enough?  In a society built around capitalism, i.e., consumerism, there never seems to be enough.  Someone I know usually responds to my sense of frugality by stating, “Don’t be so frugal, the more you use, the more we have to buy, and the better the economy will be.”  Can’t we do with a bit less of everything?

Is the social status we gain by possessions positive?  No.  If you’re importance in society is built around your possessions… how long will you have said social status if one of our increasing “natural disasters” removes your possessions?  How about if the government seizes your possessions and income, then you’re left with little; then a thief takes what’s left?  It can and has happened.

Many ancient societies, and I’d dare say, a few remaining indigenous groups still find the “natural leader” in their children and groom them for leadership responsibilities upon becoming an adult.  Knowledge and wisdom are qualities that can’t be stolen.

Is the gain of social status via greed honorable?  No.  To gain status while slandering, putting down, lying about another is FAR removed from honorable.  If who and what we are can not stand up and shine without the aid of money and possessions, then the important question is, who and what are we?  If we’re only measured by what we have… which can be taken away or destroyed, then where is our value?  What is our worth based on?

Now that we’re in the year 2013, a year many thought we’d never see, put aside your I-Existfears… ALL OF THEM and reassess your self-worth.  Make yourself a better person, which will in turn, makes those around you take notice…

All the best – always!