Safety in…?


There’s an old adage, “There’s safety in numbers.”  As I grew up, this meant that we should try to either get others to go with us (as my father tried to get me to do when I decided to go hitchhiking around the U.S. in the early and mid ’70’s), or to follow the crowd.  For some, doing just that, ‘going with the crowd’ is what makes them happy, and if you’re like me, don’t knock those that find security in doing this, not everyone can be free-spirited.

At an early age, I learned to depend on myself and one far more superior to myself.  Yes, I’m a theist and I’ll leave it at that.  However, the belief in myself and Patron has taken me to MANY places that others – that have told me – have been envious of… others that have the “follow the crowd” mentality scorn me to this day.  For those that can not, or will not accept my individuality, my freedom… I kindly say, “I’m sorry, but I’d never give up the adventures I’ve had and will have merely for security and a sense of belonging, when the comradeship I’ve witnessed is false.

Because I am a theist, and through my many experiences, I’ve come to know a security in Patron and in self that only others such as I have experienced.

Life is a journey.  Journey on friends!