Separation and Violence



Continuing our thought from this past Friday’s post:  let’s take a look at some of the things that causes separation.

Most people have been taught that it’s ok to love these people because, “they’re like us”, or it’ ok to hate someone because, “they’re NOT like us”.  We don’t like their beliefs because they don’t agree with mine.  Does anyone see that these differences – usually petty differences have and are causing all the pain, suffering and death in our present-day world?

The biggest question is;

How long will you allow this way of thinking perpetuate itself?

This is something each and every one of us can change, one-by-one, everyday for the rest of your life – re-think what you’ve been taught, what you’ve accepted at truth, see life for what it is and learn to love everyone around you as the friend you’ve yet to meet and look for your similarities, not your differences and watch the world around you change for the better!

It starts with YOU first!

Have a great week!