The Great Social Experiment

We say we’re all connected, yet we thrive on what divides us.

There was a television series on cable(?) titled, “Falling Skies” not long ago which was about earth being invaded by aliens.  This was a very well written series.  The story was about a group of aliens which destroyed most of the earth. Its remnant survivors were at times encouraged kindly to accept life on what we’d call, “reservations”.  Of course, the star of the series, and those who followed him, refused the offer and fought to the bitter end – which they of course won.

One of the scenes in season one, episode seven was when the opposition/resistance fighters captured one of the enslaved aliens – ones who had been enslaved from its youth told the star of the program that while humans kill their own, they’d never kill one of their own.  This hit me as an all out truth about humanity.

As a race of beings, we most often think of ourselves as being superior to all other life on this planet.  We study life in almost all ways available to us; some have found ways to alter life, and from what I hear, some think they have created life, in some form or fashion.  The thing we seem to have lost is, quality of life – true quality.  Politicians and corporations, along with their teams of scientists would have us believing they have created a better life for our whole planet.  The question we should be asking ourselves is, “By whose standards?”  These are the same people who have taken control of our planet financially and have each of us believing we have to pay them to live on a planet they neither created, or bought. However,The Great Social Experiment most of us in Western civilization have taken well to the belief that we are born into a material world, so it’s only natural to work, buy, vacation (if and when possible), work some more, have children that you give over to the state and ‘social norms’ which someone other than you have created, work some more, then die… OH!  Don’t forget to take your daily dose of prescription medicines… they have to keep you in control, after all.

Our so-called world leaders have outlawed nature, but do nothing to legalize free thought and encourage self-responsibility.  You are owned, but don’t realize it.  You doubt it?  Try doing something that harms no one… such as “living off of the grid” as the expression goes – living in a home that does not need electricity, public water service or even a sewage system; if the government knows about it, you’ll most likely find yourself in court, fighting for your right to live cleanly on your own.  There are many other experiments you can try, just to find out how free you are.

Religion and the State:

Since I really don’t want to get into writing a book, nor a thesis on this subject, let’s briefly cover two topics which have been in the news recently:

Not long ago, a county clerk (a government employee) in Kentucky decided that her beliefs outweighed a government law/ruling.  In brief, she failed to exercise her duties, which neither hurt or harmed anyone.  Now, she has every right to take her beliefs to the system in which she works (worked?) and have the government reconsider their ruling, but since this law neither hurts or harms anyone, she should exercise her oath of office, or resign.  I see nothing wrong with what Mrs. Davis believes, it is biblically based beliefs, but remember, the U.S.A. is a secular nation, not one built on anyone’s religion.  As I’ve stated about gay and lesbian marriages before:

Gay’s and lesbians are HUMANS first and foremost!  How you treat them says more about you, than what it says about them.  If you don’t really understand why they are as they are – not your biased point of view which is based on beliefs, not facts, then the onus is on you to accept and understand, or be bigoted.

In my youth, I was a member of a Protest Christian denomination, that happened to be, and still is, very fundamental.  I was raised to believe that anyone outside of our (now their) denomination was sure to burn in Hell’s fire.  There are many to this day that believe this to be true of their denomination and religion.  This is why there are so many atheists picking on Christianity – not so much for those that live their faith quietly and in harmony with most everyone else, but for those who are always on a “soap-box”, proclaiming their faith and beliefs.

The one religion which has caught up to, and in some ways, surpassed ‘radical’ Christianity is ‘radical’ Islam.  In days of old, Christianity had its darker side; torture, crusades (overly exaggerated by most), forced “conformity” (the word most used in dictionaries with Christianity), then Protestantism, which brought on a whole new light on conformity.  But after a few centuries of ‘darkness’, the adherents to such strictness, relaxed and learned to live, or as the expression goes, “play nicely with others”.

Radical Islam (Islam’s word origin comes from the Arabic, meaning, “surrender”.  Muslim’s word origin is, “Person who submits”), though in some ways similar to Christianity, is really different.  While Christianity demands conformity, Islam is demanding surrender to their way of life – then you will have peace.  Ummmm…. peace maybe with Allah, but not with each other apparently.

Here are two points I hope to explain well here:

  1. For those who fight against Christians who are genuinely loving, just because they’re Christians, why?  If someone… anyone shows you genuine love, do you really need to know their beliefs?  If a person is wearing a crucifix while helping you, are you truly going to refuse the persons help?  Don’t let the few who give any group of people a bad name be all you know and accept.
  2. With Islam, I have a constant battle in thought about them.  While there are many Muslim’s who are genuinely kind and trustworthy, the problem these days is what is constantly in the media – mainstream media as well as alternative media.  My issues are:  The Koran (English spelling) tells its followers that it’s not only acceptable, but a requirement to lie (tell an untruth) to the infidel (us non-Muslim’s) to accomplish their goals for Allah.  In my broad, but still limited knowledge of other religions, Islam is the only one I know which makes this statement.  So, with this being stated, and with my own experiences with American Muslim’s, and a few Iranian Muslim’s living and studying here, who showed me they are far from being radical, how do we come to a common ground with the influx of immigrants?  How does one tell a poisonous snake from a non-poisonous one?  Not all snakes are poisonous.  Please note: I’m not equating Islam to snakes, but this will become clear when you listen to the words of the video below.

Although there is one thing old and some modern Christians and Muslim’s still have in common: get rid of the original – without Judaism, there wouldn’t be any Christianity; and doubtfully, there would be an Islam.  These two religions don’t want others to know their roots – after all, when the “New and Improved” version of anything comes along, don’t you get rid of the original?

However, during WWII, there were many Christian’s and Muslim’s who helped Jew’s to escape from the Nazi’s, so here are your non-poisonous. There are people everywhere that see and know that we are humans first – all of us live upon the same earth and have equal rights to the earth and each other.  We know that what we do, more than what we say is what our children will learn… and their children.  If we really want a planet of peace, it has to start with each of us, individually, then to our community, then it spreads from there.  Word of note, I’m not saying that this way of life should automatically make the peaceful person a victim to anyone who comes along to force themselves upon us, but be wise and always seek the least violent path, till there is no other way to save yourself and those you care for, the truly peaceful.

I may continue this thought at a later date, but for now, here is the reason I was using the word snake above.  Please listen to the words of the song and understand it with what I’ve expressed above.

There are poisonous snakes, and the non-poisonous.  There are violent dogs, and non-violent.  There are people of peace, there are violent people.  How can we tell the difference?

And one last question:  Is the State influencing your religion? Or is your religion influencing the State?

… or are they working hand-in-hand for control and submission?

Change You Can Believe In

During this time of election debates and slogans that were created to say in short form what the candidate stands for, let’s choose this one today: “Change You Can Believe In!”

A friend of mine from long ago posted a comment about how so many others think the U.S. President is the one that runs the country.  Ironically, I have two blog posts on that same subject from last month, so I shared them with him.

When President Obama ran with that slogan in 2007, it was a good slogan, but the problem is, society has become ignorant spectators.  Harsh?  I think not – unless you’re accustomed only to soft, delicate language.  Why do I use these two words?:

  • Ignorant:  As I stated in yesterday’s post, our society has not carried on the age-old practice of studying the whole truth.  If what we read, hear or see agrees with our take of something – it’s true!  No it’s not!!!  You just found someone who voices your opinion which gives you the feeling of being vindicated because someone with a larger reputation than you just said what you believe.  Most people don’t even know what the opposing views are, so as I often say, “these people couldn’t argue or debate their way out of a wet paper bag!”
  • Spectators:  Times have changed so much:  in the years of my youth, we’d see people who actively took part in social, economic, political, etc., change – the change started with the person.  Now days, we watch others on our televisions, electronically sign petitions via our computers and possibly a few will participate in OWS protests… and from what I see, even a few will antagonize law enforcement officials trying to make them look worse than what they already are – not every law enforcement officer is bad, but like everything else in life, if one subject gets enough media play, it must be true.  For example, if you don’t know any middle-eastern people, and all you know of them is what you hear, read, view on television, etc., then everyone from the mid-east, except Jew‘s, are Arabic and Muslim… and all the Muslims are terrorists.  If you don’t know any Blacks and all you know of Blacks is from music and what your news service feeds you – that most Blacks commit robberies, muggings, killings and theft… then you’re a spectator.

Is it any wonder that I say that we deserve what is coming?  We want change, but we want someone else to make the change while we enjoy the results.  This is the living example of Albert Einstein’s (paraphrased) quote on, “Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over, yet expecting different results.”  As long as we expect others to do what all of us are to do, nothing will change and we’ll continue our downward spiral into the abyss.

One last thing to consider:  I’m not talking about elections only, however I’m not excluding them either.  The change we need has to start within each of us to really make a difference in the world – but of far more value is the change that occurs within each of us for our own benefit – our individual futures, then our collective future… for the future of each and every child… or is that a lost cause as well?


Reasons to be Fed Up – Responsibility

With Freedom of Speech comes Responsibility

A lot has been said in recent weeks about the fact that we have freedom of speech and expression here in the U.S as well as to some degree in the west. Very little has been said about the Responsibility that comes with those rights. Just because you can say something does not mean it should be said. The right to free speech though goes both ways, if you want to say whatever you must, also then allow others to say what they think.  Free speech is not just a one way street.

This notion that we have, that we can say whatever we want and not be in any way, shape or form responsible for what may happen as a result is mind boggling to me,  I don’t mean that every spoken word should be subject to criminal charges, but in some cases, one can and should be charged for “inciting a riot”.  For every action and every spoken word, there is an equal and opposite reaction for good or bad that is the way these things work.

When you choose to make fun of a person, place or religion there may in fact be unintended or intended consequences for you actions, and when those consequences result in death or damage of property, understand that those of us that understand that with that right also comes the responsibility not to just shoot our mouth off because we can, and will lay at your feet the blame for the actions taken as a result of your words.

Do I condone violence of any kind? ABSOLUTELY NOT, no more then I condone deliberately adding fuel to an already raging fire.  No, I do not think we should enact blasphemy laws here, but I do think there is a time and place for all speech.

It’s time to have a real conversation about RESPECT for others. If you want respect for your values and culture and religion then you must likewise respect others.

So again, I ask just because we can say whatever we want, should we?


Reasons to be Fed Up – p. 1

For those of you that have been following this blog, you know that my friend Heidi is an occasional contributor.  Here is another post from her on points that are very frustrating.


I am not really sure where to start on this one or what to call it.  I am absolutely dumbfounded, though I should not be, as to some of the ludicrous things I have heard in the past few days both in and out of politics. Have we fallen so far as to be so clouded in our judgments and so colored in our views that we cannot even fathom human dignity or respect for other cultures,  let alone  different religious views?

When we can publish intimate photos of a married couple on vacation at a relative’s home taken from half a mile away with a telephoto lens because there is such a need to know every little thing about them and then defend it by saying, “they’re public figures so there is no expectation of privacy ever unless they’re inside without widows,” is crazy talk. But it seems that collectively we have decided that it is more than ok and they should just suck it up at least until someone gets killed again. When breastfeeding a child that is hungry becomes akin to filming porn in Time Square during rush hour, when we feel the need to redefine rape to more suitable terms like, “forced” or “legitimate”, something has to be done to reverse the thinking here.  Rape is Rape no matter how you shape it; Breastfeeding a child is a natural thing and should be encouraged not condemned.

When we have politicians that say they don’t care about the facts, or a Presidential candidate that says, “There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. All right, there are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you name it.” Then goes on to say, “My job is not to worry about those people. I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.” Wow those are good Christian Values now aren’t they?

We no longer hold the values our founding fathers fought and died for those left a long time ago. When we allowed Administration after Administration to chip away at the Constitution we brought ourselves to this point in time and now we have to make a choice to move forward and overcome the fear or become the very thing we profess to hate. Sadly we are moving toward the thing we hate in our blind hatred.

Yesterday I was watching Chuck Todd’s morning show and heard the most astounding thing come out of the mouth of a Romney campaign adviser, she was unable to understand why there was so much anti-American sentiment in the middle east “after all we have done for them”  really what exactly have we done for them? We invaded their countries in the name of freedom and democracy and imposed our will on them, only then to insult their Prophet and burn their holy book. Hmmmmm I wonder why they hate us so much. And that is just a small sample of what we have done. These same people are the ones that cry foul when Christians are attacked or when the flag is burned yet are dead silent when Muslim civilians are killed or their religion is attacked. So one is to believe then the same values they hold so dear only apply to them and their ilk.

Our Declaration of Independence makes clear what our founding father’s believed so dearly that they were willing to lay down their lives for it:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness

When they won those rights for us they took it one step further and granted us the freedom to believe how we choose to, yet a vast minority that is quickly becoming a majority seems to think that this applies to just them not everyone else.  Note the all men are created equal, that means all not just Christians in their various forms but all, be they Jews, Muslims, Hindus, etc.

I will not go quietly into the night on this and if I have to bring the Nine Kingdoms of Hell with me so be it.