Humans Believe the Darnedest Things


Let’s pick up somewhere near where we stopped this past Friday.

Humans (us) think it’s normal to be born on a planet, but pay our fellow human (that lives somewhere unknown to most) to live on/in our own home.  Does ANYONE think like me on this?  Does ANYONE see this being similar to a Mafia extortion racket?

“Hey!  Pay us to protect you and we’ll keep all your enemies away from you!”  Your reply should be, “But you’re my enemy!”

“Yes I am, so pay me and I’ll leave you alone until I want more.”

Oh!!!  I get it!  Humans are fearful of their fellow-man and think it’s better to pay the big bad wolf than to build a big brick house.  It’s better to live in fear of what might happen than to face your problems.  Of course, now the problem is too big to handle isn’t it?

Or is it?  Shouldn’t we have let Hitler, Stalin, Joseph McCarthy, all who sought to rule with fear, run the world?  It’s easier to salute whatever flag they give us than it is to have liberty, freedom and justice… it’s easier to give away what our forefathers fought for as recent as World War II… isn’t it?

We may never know… it’s easier to cower in fear and the supposed safety of your imagined invisibility than to change from the victim – the hunted to the intelligent individual you fancy yourself to be.

We’ve believed for SO long that “someone else will fight our battles for us”, we’ve forgotten how to be the individuals we were born to be – it’s safer to be in a crowd… a group that has similar fears and beliefs than it is to be one that’s not afraid to stand up and say, “Give me liberty or give me death!”  Because living in fear is NOT a life!  Even Benjamin Franklin stated, “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.

How about we look at life in its true perspective:  For the indigenous people who live in the U.S., or any other so-called third world country, it’s often stated that ‘someone discovered your home, when the reality is, for example, “Christopher Columbus discovered that there is land west of Europe and it was already inhabited by other people.  He did not find an uninhabited land.

But hey, humans believe the darnedest things…

… just more thoughts –