Somebody, Fix It, PLEASE!

The one thing about social media is, we get to know the thoughts and desires of people.  We post pictures ranging from our pets, children, funny things, sad things, what we’re doing, and the things that make us happy, sad or angry.  Quite often, people just complain about what isn’t right with Complainsomething, usually the government, including the leader of some government. We complain, we yell, we bit_h and moan about what someone is or is not doing, then we point the proverbial finger at those we say should do something… then we stop for a while… waiting for someone to do something, just because we’ve made our complaint known. When nothing changes, we start the process of complaining all over again. At times I wonder if we as a people ever learn anything, especially from our own mistakes and short-comings.

“We the People…” have forgotten that these three words says it all:  WE are the ones who are responsible for what we’re experiencing.  For those who vote, you are the ones responsible for the person you’re now complaining about, after all, you voted the person into office.  Those of us who didn’t vote the person/persons into office – Hey! Your job is no less done than anyone else! When there is someone in office who is causing not only you, but the majority of the nation to suffer, it is EVERYONE’S issue!  When will YOU stop pointing your finger while yelling and demanding someone else, “FIX IT!”?

I have a couple of questions for you:

  • Do you feel better that you’ve raised your voice, literally or in some social media posting, then drop the subject for a while, only to do it again at some future time?
  • Why are you demanding someone else do what you seem unwilling to do? Aren’t YOU somebody, someone?

Okay, maybe you’re feeling a bit out of your element, out of your comfort zone, or you just don’t know where to start; maybe you just feel insecure about doing something you’re not sure you can do alone. If these are some of your reasons, fine, I understand, all us can understand this – all of us have experienced the feeling of being “out of our comfort zone”. So, is there a solution? Is there some way you… all of us can be involved in bringing positive change to the world in which we live?

YES!  Most definitely!


I’ll offer the following as an avenue for you to listen, then find what YOU ARE comfortable doing, then join others who are already doing keep-calm-and-we-will-fix-itsomething to bring the positive changes all of us want to see for ourselves and for the future of our loved ones.

I offer an archived radio program (below) as well as future programs which you can listen to repeatedly, you can download the programs and share them with others of like mind, then you can get involved in your own area… wherever you are in the world. The title of the programs are, “How to Make a Better World”. So far, the one below is archived, then there is one coming with the same title, but it’s listed as part 2.  Part 3 will air in the first week of November.

You’ve already have the experience of waiting for someone else to do something better, and so far little to nothing is happening, so get involved NOW!

YOU ARE SOMEBODY! Together WE will fix it.

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The Great Social Experiment

We say we’re all connected, yet we thrive on what divides us.

There was a television series on cable(?) titled, “Falling Skies” not long ago which was about earth being invaded by aliens.  This was a very well written series.  The story was about a group of aliens which destroyed most of the earth. Its remnant survivors were at times encouraged kindly to accept life on what we’d call, “reservations”.  Of course, the star of the series, and those who followed him, refused the offer and fought to the bitter end – which they of course won.

One of the scenes in season one, episode seven was when the opposition/resistance fighters captured one of the enslaved aliens – ones who had been enslaved from its youth told the star of the program that while humans kill their own, they’d never kill one of their own.  This hit me as an all out truth about humanity.

As a race of beings, we most often think of ourselves as being superior to all other life on this planet.  We study life in almost all ways available to us; some have found ways to alter life, and from what I hear, some think they have created life, in some form or fashion.  The thing we seem to have lost is, quality of life – true quality.  Politicians and corporations, along with their teams of scientists would have us believing they have created a better life for our whole planet.  The question we should be asking ourselves is, “By whose standards?”  These are the same people who have taken control of our planet financially and have each of us believing we have to pay them to live on a planet they neither created, or bought. However,The Great Social Experiment most of us in Western civilization have taken well to the belief that we are born into a material world, so it’s only natural to work, buy, vacation (if and when possible), work some more, have children that you give over to the state and ‘social norms’ which someone other than you have created, work some more, then die… OH!  Don’t forget to take your daily dose of prescription medicines… they have to keep you in control, after all.

Our so-called world leaders have outlawed nature, but do nothing to legalize free thought and encourage self-responsibility.  You are owned, but don’t realize it.  You doubt it?  Try doing something that harms no one… such as “living off of the grid” as the expression goes – living in a home that does not need electricity, public water service or even a sewage system; if the government knows about it, you’ll most likely find yourself in court, fighting for your right to live cleanly on your own.  There are many other experiments you can try, just to find out how free you are.

Religion and the State:

Since I really don’t want to get into writing a book, nor a thesis on this subject, let’s briefly cover two topics which have been in the news recently:

Not long ago, a county clerk (a government employee) in Kentucky decided that her beliefs outweighed a government law/ruling.  In brief, she failed to exercise her duties, which neither hurt or harmed anyone.  Now, she has every right to take her beliefs to the system in which she works (worked?) and have the government reconsider their ruling, but since this law neither hurts or harms anyone, she should exercise her oath of office, or resign.  I see nothing wrong with what Mrs. Davis believes, it is biblically based beliefs, but remember, the U.S.A. is a secular nation, not one built on anyone’s religion.  As I’ve stated about gay and lesbian marriages before:

Gay’s and lesbians are HUMANS first and foremost!  How you treat them says more about you, than what it says about them.  If you don’t really understand why they are as they are – not your biased point of view which is based on beliefs, not facts, then the onus is on you to accept and understand, or be bigoted.

In my youth, I was a member of a Protest Christian denomination, that happened to be, and still is, very fundamental.  I was raised to believe that anyone outside of our (now their) denomination was sure to burn in Hell’s fire.  There are many to this day that believe this to be true of their denomination and religion.  This is why there are so many atheists picking on Christianity – not so much for those that live their faith quietly and in harmony with most everyone else, but for those who are always on a “soap-box”, proclaiming their faith and beliefs.

The one religion which has caught up to, and in some ways, surpassed ‘radical’ Christianity is ‘radical’ Islam.  In days of old, Christianity had its darker side; torture, crusades (overly exaggerated by most), forced “conformity” (the word most used in dictionaries with Christianity), then Protestantism, which brought on a whole new light on conformity.  But after a few centuries of ‘darkness’, the adherents to such strictness, relaxed and learned to live, or as the expression goes, “play nicely with others”.

Radical Islam (Islam’s word origin comes from the Arabic, meaning, “surrender”.  Muslim’s word origin is, “Person who submits”), though in some ways similar to Christianity, is really different.  While Christianity demands conformity, Islam is demanding surrender to their way of life – then you will have peace.  Ummmm…. peace maybe with Allah, but not with each other apparently.

Here are two points I hope to explain well here:

  1. For those who fight against Christians who are genuinely loving, just because they’re Christians, why?  If someone… anyone shows you genuine love, do you really need to know their beliefs?  If a person is wearing a crucifix while helping you, are you truly going to refuse the persons help?  Don’t let the few who give any group of people a bad name be all you know and accept.
  2. With Islam, I have a constant battle in thought about them.  While there are many Muslim’s who are genuinely kind and trustworthy, the problem these days is what is constantly in the media – mainstream media as well as alternative media.  My issues are:  The Koran (English spelling) tells its followers that it’s not only acceptable, but a requirement to lie (tell an untruth) to the infidel (us non-Muslim’s) to accomplish their goals for Allah.  In my broad, but still limited knowledge of other religions, Islam is the only one I know which makes this statement.  So, with this being stated, and with my own experiences with American Muslim’s, and a few Iranian Muslim’s living and studying here, who showed me they are far from being radical, how do we come to a common ground with the influx of immigrants?  How does one tell a poisonous snake from a non-poisonous one?  Not all snakes are poisonous.  Please note: I’m not equating Islam to snakes, but this will become clear when you listen to the words of the video below.

Although there is one thing old and some modern Christians and Muslim’s still have in common: get rid of the original – without Judaism, there wouldn’t be any Christianity; and doubtfully, there would be an Islam.  These two religions don’t want others to know their roots – after all, when the “New and Improved” version of anything comes along, don’t you get rid of the original?

However, during WWII, there were many Christian’s and Muslim’s who helped Jew’s to escape from the Nazi’s, so here are your non-poisonous. There are people everywhere that see and know that we are humans first – all of us live upon the same earth and have equal rights to the earth and each other.  We know that what we do, more than what we say is what our children will learn… and their children.  If we really want a planet of peace, it has to start with each of us, individually, then to our community, then it spreads from there.  Word of note, I’m not saying that this way of life should automatically make the peaceful person a victim to anyone who comes along to force themselves upon us, but be wise and always seek the least violent path, till there is no other way to save yourself and those you care for, the truly peaceful.

I may continue this thought at a later date, but for now, here is the reason I was using the word snake above.  Please listen to the words of the song and understand it with what I’ve expressed above.

There are poisonous snakes, and the non-poisonous.  There are violent dogs, and non-violent.  There are people of peace, there are violent people.  How can we tell the difference?

And one last question:  Is the State influencing your religion? Or is your religion influencing the State?

… or are they working hand-in-hand for control and submission?

The Near Death of Spirituality

For a great deal of my adulthood, I’ve wondered why there was a continuous war against Judaism.  Before you go running off thinking this is about Judaism only, please stick around, it’s not only about Jew’s and Judaism.

While I love to read, I especially love to read things that I can learn from, I haven’t read anything about what I’m going to address here.  This is a culmination of many of the things I’ve read about history, most of what you most likely already know, especially if you attended schools during the sixties and seventies.  I say this because it seems that many that attended schools after that era know little to nothing about history – or a very revised history.

Recently, I was preparing for one of my radio programs and this thought came to mind, “Why are people so willing to accept what is told them?”  Well, as life often does, during the radio program, the answer came indirectly through one of my guests.  It was like a huge flash in a pan of hot oil!  After the realization hit me, I felt relieved to finally understand, yet stupid for not adding 2 + 2 for all these years.  What I mean is, I know a lot about religious and secular history; I know a lot about the dark ages and the inquisitions, but I never added the one “ingredient” that made me understand it all a lot better.

I finally came to understand that as Rome fell from its greatness, the Christian Church, which was still new became the Catholic (Latin for Universal) Church.  As one De Paul University professor, a Catholic Priest, explained it in a Comparative Religion Class, “… the word Catholic is Latin for Universal.  This means that at the churches inception, it took the best from all of the major religions of that time…”  He then wrote on the board a long list of old and extinct religions such as Zoroastrianism (still alive), Mithra-ism, Hellenism, Judaism, Christianity, and many more.  In other words, the creators of the Catholic Church were seeking to bind all of the religions of the day into a ‘One World Church’.  If man can have a bit of each religion embodied in one religion, the hope was to makeWarForSpirit 2 the appeal to everyone that they could unite the world.  After centuries of slow growth, the dark ages came upon Europe, meaning that if you weren’t one of the “fold”, the reigning governments under the church could and did make life very difficult for anyone not “sanctioned” to do business as well as making life very difficult.

Okay, most of us know that part, but what I forgot was, the Catholic Church went throughout the world seeking out all those who lived differently than what the church condoned.  What we know is that the church either converted them and/or killed those they found.  What few know or remember is that the church kept the information they came across of any religions that had a strong spiritual basis.  By killing off the smaller groups/societies, they pretty much eliminated the information, leaving the Vatican Archives with most of that information.

Here is where my ‘lighting bolt’ (I’m trying not to say epiphany) of realization flashed in:  When there is one group seeking one-world control through their combining of all of the worlds religions – someone is seeking control.  Every ancient land they went to, they destroyed not only their culture, but specifically their religions… their connections to our source of life, who most of us call, G-d.  So why hate Judaism?  Judaism is NOT just a religion, it is a way of life.  Judaism is something that is lived ever part of everyday, and I do not mean just observances or doing something without knowing why.  While there are many things in Judaism that are not fully understood, there are more that are.  But without getting too deeply involved in that, the point I really wish to bring out is that there is a very strong knowledge and sense of spirituality within Judaism.  Not only has the Catholic Church tried to wipe out Judaism, other religions and governments around the world have tried.  Why?  If you can remove the spirituality from people, if you can remove not only a belief in our Creator, you can control the individual, a community, a country… the world.

Take a look around you – how many people are trying to win your heart, your soul with their beliefs?  From people knocking on your door, asking to speak with you about their beliefs, never asking if you’re seeking for anything, then becoming upset or angry at you for not “believing”: or the fundamentalist atheist who is just as intrusive as his/her religious counterpart, wanting to convince you to lose all belief in any Deity.  Then there are those that get us to focus on money, materialism and possessions.  Let’s not forget those that get us to focus on family and a whole host of other things that can, and oft-times does get us to focus on anything but our connection with our Creator.  Now we have the “Radical Muslim” who is threatening to, and is in some places actually killing those that don’t convert.

What is important to everyone is what most, if not all Jewish Rabbi’s*  will tell you, “You don’t have to be Jewish to know G-d.”  Why is this stated?  Throughout the ‘creation story’, there is NOT to be found any text stating that the Creator created a religion.  The controlling religions tell you that if you leave their fold, voluntarily or by being kicked-out, or excommunicated, you will go to hell.  There is more control in that than any direction to a loving Deity.

The world is actively fighting for control over each one of us – some don’t care, others don’t know, and will willfully go along with the plan of men.  Others will see this as a war for freedom in government and fight their governments, corporations and a financial system only, and ignore their core.  Those of us that see and know the fight is about our soul and what sets us free will fight for each other, because all else is as it should be.

*some clergy who call themselves, "Messianic Jew's" call themselves Rabbi, 
but they're Christians, therefore Judaism does not recognize them as 
authentic Rabbi's

How to Dummy-down a Society

I’m tired.  I’m too tired to write, but not to ponder life and why.

I wanted to know what others have written about how our society has been made so ignorant, so I searched the internet by typing in, “how to make society ignorant” and came up with these articles:

“Here’s a simple rule if you want to get noticed in today’s Australia. Don’t worry about how much you might actually know or have thought about an issue: just go in hard and outrageous. Volume is all that counts. Shocking people is better than saying nothing at all. And there’s no need to concern yourself about ”blowback”. The media cycle moves so quickly that by tonight your contribution will have been forgotten.” Read more:


“This “little bit of wiggle room” is what Mitt Romney refers to as freedom. It is the essential prerequisite for economic growth and prosperity. It seems, however, that when Romney made what should be this ultra-obvious point it blew the lid off the American media who went berserk over yet another Romney “gaffe”. What can you say? The media in the US is made up of people economically ignorant beyond my wildest thoughts. How they are permitted to instruct the rest of us about political and economic issues is a scandal.”


“Ignorance and sound self-government could not exist together: the one destroyed the other. A despotic government could restrain its citizens and deprive the people of their liberties only while they were ignorant.

Jefferson could never completely separate education from government. With the fullest faith in the ability of man to govern himself, Jefferson nonetheless realized the responsibility of self-government could be assumed successfully only by an enlightened people.”  


“The time has come to discuss a very critical matter, for which, seems to be destroying humanity, slowly but surely. Many people have made an interesting choice in their life and some may have not made the same choice, but do not have proper access to learning material, so as to improve.

Is it “chosen” ignorance or a lack of knowledge, that which plagues humanity? Well, to be honest, it’s a little bit of both actually. Some “choose” to be ignorant in their actions and some just lack the knowledge to enable themselves more power. Both are hurting themselves, but the one who chooses ignorance is actually damaging themselves more than those who are without knowledge.

Choose to be ignorant? Or Lack Knowledge?

Choosing to be ignorant, simply means that you stop yourself from learning and nothing more. You have already made up your mind, reinforced with your faith and belief, so as to ignore new knowledge from being learned. This only happens when one has no control of ego or do not realize their ego is more than they can handle.”                 

    • You choose……….

When Humanity is Inhumane – How We Screw Ourselves

Have you ever wondered how we got to where we are as a society?  What have our ancestors done to bring us to where we are now?  What are we doing to perpetuate our current conditions?  Our questions should be, what are we doing to change the downward spiral we’re in?  On a personal basis, if we change ourselves, we can help change a lot of the world around us.

Most of us should know some of our history to know that we are continuing the downward spiral through our consistent hatred of those “not like us,” because their skin color is not like ours; their religion is not ours; their culture is not like ours; their ethnic origin is not the same as ours; their lifestyle is not like ours; their economic status is not the same as ours… good grief, how long is this list?

Let’s take a quick look at how the “explorers” of centuries gone-by have treated those they “discovered”.  In short, the “explorers” discovered lands that were already occupied by another civilization (those people or nations that have reached such a state), usually the inhabitants accepted the “new comers” and some even attempted to help the new comers adapt to their way of life – why not?  It was working well for them – and become a part of their culture and way of life.  Instead, the new comers, a.k.a. conquerors were not interested in adapting, but plundering the goods of the land, and forcing the original inhabitants to conform to their way of life.  Civilizations that did not have jails, taxes, polluted air, land and water; many even had a more advanced civilization than the “new comers” (Maya’s, Aztec’s, Inca’s, etc.).  Yet, our European ancestors preferred to destroy what they didn’t know and couldn’t accept in an effort to “civilize” the civilized.  Now, those indigenous peoples live in squalor compared to their ancestors.  We’ve lost our humanity to the value of – things and money/wealth.  The corporations that have made themselves “people”, not businesses, have sought to privatize everything that is of real value to us – they’ve tried to privatize water in Bolivia; they want to impose a “carbon tax” because of “global warming”, even though we see that it’s not just global warming, it’s our whole solar system; they’re changing the food that we eat (GMO‘s); the land that we were born to inhabit and care for now seems to be the property of governments or corporations (taxes); some plants that grow freely and liberally all around the world are considered illegal – why? because they have natural healing properties (G-d forbid natural plants should cut into corporate profits).  And we constantly want to return to a time where we can start over with this kind of “civilization?”  

Consider what we’ve done to the indigenous people of the U.S.  As most of us have learned, these people welcomed the “new comers” to their lands and showed them how to live on it:  how to grow foods they knew little or nothing about; how to hunt to sustain life, not for sport; how to care for the land and each other.  How were they repaid?  In the long run – with near genocide, and the remainder put on reservations.

How about those who migrated to the U.S. to better their lives?  Many of them had been here for generations, but because they were, at the time, unfortunate enough to be Japanese, Italian or German, during WWII, they were put into “internment camps” because of the fear the government had that there may be sympathizers or spies among them.

Now days, with all the scuttlebutt concerning FEMA camps being built and manned for U.S. citizens, along with NDAA and the like, whether it’s true, rumors or conspiracy theory, all of this reminds me of the movie, “the Siege“.  An old friend used to ask me why I looked for meanings in movies, “they’re only for entertainment” was her reasoning.  I tried explaining that there are many movies that try to tell the public about what is going on, may happen, etc., with justification – this was one.  Unfortunately it seems, most movie goers seem to think such movies are for entertainment only.  If you remember the days and months after September 11th, 2001, there was concern that the government was going to “round-up” all of the countries Muslim’s.

Let me ask again:  Why do we give up our sovereignty (rightful status, independence, or prerogative) to others?  Why do we allow ourselves to become slaves to someone else and think/believe that it’s ok to pay them to essentially screw up our lives, but give us the false belief that we need them for our essentials of food, water, home, security, etc.?  You wonder why I’m fed up?

People, we don’t need to return to a “yesterday” that would perpetuate another start of the same kind of “civilization” that got us to where we are.  We need to return to a time when all of the above never was, where we live on this plant that we know is our home, to take care of it with the knowing that as long as we take care if it, it will take care of us; to literally love and care for each other because we know hatred and violence will inevitably kill us all.

Better you life, please!

Things I’ve Learned from Kung Fu and Karate Movies

Today, I’m deviating from what I had originally planed to post because I watched a couple of martial arts movies yesterday.  There seems to be some recurring themes in these movies, besides the obvious “kick-butt” scenes:

  1. There’s always a villain:  there always seems to be someone who is either a corrupt businessman, political leader(s), or a corrupt royal.  The lessons I get from these movies is; we seem to like having leaders.  No matter what we do in life, we like to have someone who will lead us along the path we chose, whether it’s good or bad.  We consciously follow someone who tells us that if we follow them, we can have what we want – money, power, security/safety… you name it, we feel that we can only get what we want from following someone who uses us to their benefit while telling us that we’ll get what we want by following them.  I fail to understand this mentality.
  2. There is the individual:  the individual is usually the hero of such films.  Why?  Why is it there is only one person that stands up for his/her dignity, his/her rights as a human-being and becomes the hero?  Why isn’t there more people standing up for what’s right, not just for themselves, but for everyone?  Are we that weak, selfish, greedy or self-absorbed that we feel stronger in a group so to take from others that is legitimately theirs?  The individual, whether in movies or real life is the one that suffers a lot for not yielding to the pressures of the masses.  In movies, the individual, after suffering great losses – friends, family, home, wealth, health… you name it, they emerge as the smiling victors, which we know is not always true.  We may emerge victorious, but not always smiling.  We may have done well for ourselves and others, or sometimes, just for others, but we know that someone had to do something other than just let the injustices continue.

Today, we still have people not only willing to follow others, but look for someone to lead us through our tough times.  Around the world there are protests of all kinds, demanding fairness in government; equal opportunities to earn a decent living; wholesome foods; clean water; a place to call home that is comfortable; education… the list goes on and on.  In the U.S., Presidential elections are afoot, and it seems that people are willing to make their choices from the two main parties – a choice between the “lesser of two evils”, but does anyone care that there are other candidates? There is the “Occupy Wall Street” protests going on in the U.S., Arab Spring… and all of these have leaders, and people willing to follow them.  Where are the individuals like Mahatma Gandhi who taught us that to bring about true change, it starts with us, the individual – with our attitude of peace and love.  The quiet revolution of love and peace is what governments and corporations can’t control.  The moment you/we become violent is the moment you’ve/we’ve lost the battle.  Governments have shown us repeatedly that they know how to deal with violence, and haven’t we seen enough violence?  Haven’t we understood the old expression, “Fighting for peace is like having sex to create virginity” (ok, I cleaned it up :p ), or what Albert Einstein told us long ago, “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”, and, “I am not only a pacifist but a militant pacifist. I am willing to fight for peace. Nothing will end war unless those people themselves refuse to go to war.” 

We as individuals, not as an organized group (at least not at the start) have to be willing to stand alone when no one else will and declare, “This is NOT right!”

The world is changing rapidly, right now, as you read this – you know this to be true, even if you don’t talk about it with others.  Where will you be when the dramatic changes come to you?  With a group of followers, or standing for what you know is true and correct for you and all others?

Are you a follower, or an individual?  We don’t need more leaders, we need everyday people willing to be examples of truth, love and peace.

All the best on your quest for… you!

English: Albert Einstein, official 1921 Nobel ...

English: Albert Einstein, official 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics photograph. Français : Albert Einstein, photographie officielle du Prix Nobel de Physique 1921. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mohandas K. Gandhi (1869-1948), political and ...

Mohandas K. Gandhi (1869-1948), political and spiritual leader of India. Location unknown. Français : Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (1869-1948), Guide politique et spirituel de l’Inde. Lieu inconnu. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Intelligence and…



Mankind usually prides itself in its own intelligence, believing that it’s the top of the food chain, the smartest animal on earth… we subjugate our environment, move mountains, build cities, areas of commerce and playgrounds for children and adults, yet with all of our abilities, our intelligence… when we’re honest with ourselves, we see that we have the capacity to be equally as… stupid.

In our desire to conquer and rule, we’ve destroyed a once beautiful planet – the air we breathe is tainted; the water we drink has to be treated because WE have polluted it so much that we have to clean it after we’ve used it to make our machines.  We kill each other over ideals and disputes that in the long run will prove to be idiotic.  Right now, right now in August 2012, the majority of people in this world want to return to a system of life that has brought us to where we are – RIGHT NOW.  We have the ability to bring about a complete change, to stop the hatred, the greed, declination… all the negative things that have given us our present, but we’re intent on trying to fix what’s broken with the broken tools that got us here.

There have been prophets from all walks of life that have told us what to expect… and some messages have been repeated by various people throughout our history.  Have we listened?  Of course not, we’re too arrogant to see what’s in front of us, and too stubborn to admit our faults and short comings.  We can NO LONGER pass the blame: we can NO LONGER wait for someone else to “fix the problem”.  Just look around you and tell me who can or will fix the mess we’re in?  The mess WE allowed to happen.

We deserve what we get, every drop.