I’m a Dreamer

What do you dream about?  What do you want in life?  Let’s take this to the basic’s of life.  How would you like to live?

Although I live in a rural area of Mexico City, I still find myself dreaming of a life of peace and tranquility – a life where I… we can live from what we grow and trade for; where community not only allows for individuality, but encourages it.  Where we know we belong, and have purpose other than “blending in”, or as we say, “Conforming to” the ways of someone who has convinced you – us, their ways are better.  Where making mistakes are seen as avenues of growth, not failure.

Also, where our work is ours and what we earn (not money) is not “taxed”.  A place where greed is non-existent.  Where competition is only Sunset-Lake-Horsesseen as, “Can I be better?”

Yes, I’m a dreamer.  I can not say this is a choice any more than breathing is a choice, but I do long for a way of life in which not only I, but everyone can be free and open; a place where we don’t have to deal with the epigenetic‘s of horrible experiences visited upon a family member long ago.  A place where everyone knows our origin, and there is no need to argue or debate who is correct.

A place where we owe no person to live – we know where we live is a a gift and a responsibility – therefore, no man-made pollution.  A place where we know that no one is better than another:  even better, this place wouldn’t have to consider such a possibility.

I dream, not only for the hope of a better future, but at times, just to keep my sanity.

Recently, I was standing in my garden after walking our dog.  I was looking at our house, the many fruit bearing trees… and I felt trapped.

As humans, we spend our lives gathering:

  • automobiles
  • houses
  • things to fill the houses
  • communication devices – usually the ones we don’t need, we just want the latest and greatest
  • things to entertain us
  • experiences which may be self-gratifying, but hurtful, if not harmful to others (including places), whether directly or indirectly
  • education, usually to gain more money so we can gather more stuff
  • or education which can alter life as we’ve known it for countless ages
  • and much more.

These are reasons I say that I’m a dreamer.  I want a much more simpler life, where magic is not a word, or a strange concept; where the word and concept of being spiritual is not a subject of debate, but a way of life.

At one point in our history, this was what we had, but we lost it.  The wonderful, but odd thing about life is, in every moment, we’re given a chance to make our existence better, to re-create, or possibly better said, to create with what we have, a better world.  The really sad part is, someone has put into our minds – and we accept this thought – that this is the world we should accept.  Those who have placed that thought and all the supporting thoughts as redundancies – just in case you should wonder about one or more of the reasons why you accept this way of living, are relying upon your blind acceptance of this way of life.  Heaven forbid you understand that each of us has the ability to change the falsehood we accept as reality.

Another reality is, we don’t have to be violent to make our changes – just stop accepting the lies presented you, and I do mean all of the lies.AEinstein-Authority

As history has shown us countless times, we usually have two choices once we see the life we’ve accepted is a lie:

  1. Cease to accept the lie and those who persist in forcing your conformity;
  2. Peacefully refuse to conform to anything which takes you away from the peace you desire and is rightfully yours;

So, once again I ask, “How would you like to live?”

Dare you dream?

Row, Row, Row Your Boat…



“… gently down the stream…”

Most of us know this old nursery rhyme even from our childhood years.  However, do you remember what the final lines are?

“… merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream.”

Have you ever thought, “What is this song telling us?  I’d dare say that most of us haven’t thought much about it.  Do you know when this rhyme was written?  How far back does this thought go back?  Well let’s explore this for a moment.

In the last line of the rhyme it states, “… life is but a dream”.  One of the first people who came to my mind when thinking about this part of the song/rhyme was Albert Einstein and his famous quotation →

I won’t insult you with a scientific explanation of what he means, besides, if I attempted to do that, I would probably embarrass myself to no end, so allow me to give a widely known and accepted explanation that predates Mr. Einstein by at least a few thousand years.

Most all of us know and accept that man is the combination of spirit (energy) and the physical.  Since we can no more destroy energy than we can create it, our spiritual side of life is literally immortal.  Even as a child, I always wondered why I was being taught that we have only one lifetime to get knowledge and understanding – get all “right”, then die.  If you got it right, you go to heaven; if not…  Also, my thoughts always went to, what for me was the obvious – who is right?  Who knows the truth?  With so many others claiming to know the truth, how will we know which “truth” is true?  And finally, why is truth progressive?  Isn’t there an “original truth” that still exists in its original form and state?

I found my truth, and it agrees in part with the nursery rhyme, Albert Einstein and Lao Tzu, as well as many others who understood and those that understand and know that our reality is a passing experience and we’ll lose ourselves if we pay too much attention to the journey, instead of the lessons to be learned and the wisdom to share with others.

Here is an excerpt from the history and the meaning of the rhyme.  I hope you’ll understand it and read the whole article (the link is provided):

“The lyrics have often been used as a metaphor for life’s difficult choices, and many see the boat as referring to one’s self or a group with which one identifies. Rowing is a skillful, if tedious, practice that takes perfection but also directs the vessel. When sung as a group, the act of rowing becomes a unifier, as oars should be in sync for the progression of a rowboat. The idea that human beings travel along a certain stream [time] and suggests boundaries in the path of choices and in free will. The third line recommends that challenges should be greeted in stride while open to joy with a smile.  Some have questioned the song’s implied necessity to row one’s boat downstream. This may in fact be a commentary on the paradoxical nature of time’s arrow with respect to man’s free will in a universe of materialistic causality. The final line, “life is but a dream”, is perhaps the most meaningful. With a religious point of view, life and the physical plane may be regarded as having equivalent value as that of a dream, such that troubles are seen in the context of a lesser reality once one has awakened.”

Row, Row, Row Your Boat – From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia