Justice or Law?

In the United States, there is a huge argument, or at least a discussion about justice or law, and few seem to understand the difference.

For instance, if you’re stopped for a traffic violation, some of those stopped think that they can argue their way out of the ticket, especially if it is with a police officer. What is a police officer? What are his or her responsibilities?

A police officer is in short, a person who is appointed by city or state government to enforce the law and rules of their district – or again, in short, they are policy enforcers. Their official role has nothing to do with justice.

Police Brittanica
This is A history of Police and Policing. It’s long, but very good! https://www.britannica.com/topic/police

A sheriff in the U.S. on the other hand, has been elected by the community in which he or she resides and works. That person is answerable to the community in which he and she serves. However, unlike the movie, “Judge Dread”, neither a police officer nor a sheriff is the law enforcer and the judge. To look for justice, that is the role of a referee, not a judge.

Why a referee? If you want justice, that is the role of a referee. By definition, a referee is one who listens to all sides of a complaint: searches and reads to understand all points of view, then with the existing laws, makes a decision.

The problems we currently have in our societies is not so much the system – not eliminating them wholly – but the understanding we have of the system and how it

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works. Obviously I have not included every aspect of the legal system, but when you study the “legal system”, you will understand how it works, and who is the ultimate winner.

As for attorney’s, or lawyers, that is the easiest of all – they are agents of the court or law. When you hire one, you’re hiring your, in many cases, your enemy.

Good luck for your future!


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