Conservatism and Responsibility

Over the past few years, more so than the past few decades, we have seen a huge wave of liberalism sweeping through the United States and the world. Most notably the forced acceptance of gay, lesbian, transgender and trans-sexual “rights”, and more.

During the 1950’s and before, there was no such thing as rights for this “community”, as a matter of fact, same sex people were often considered to be mentally unbalanced and sent for psychological treatments.

In my lifetime, I’ve met and befriended some gay, lesbian and transgender individualsfree speech and learned that, at least with them, they tried heterosexual life, but found that they had a very strong attraction to the same sex that they didn’t experience with members of the opposite sex. They came to terms with those desires and accepted themselves.

While conservatives – not speaking of political conservatives here – have softened their view of this community by accepting them as individuals, liberals have resorted to forcing the acceptance of this community by violating the rights of others, conservatives or not, by forcing, for example, the supposed rights of this community to use whatever restroom, locker-room  they so choose. Now there is fight over what pronouns to use when addressing people. I for one will address a person with the pronoun that fits the persons appearance – male or female.

In the 1960’s, there was the era of liberalism which swept the world, and I embraced it almost wholeheartedly. Being brought up in a conservative home, as most of us were in that time, we wanted a more liberal society, but we knew how to push limits, not fall off the ledge. When you listen to the songs of the 60’s and early 70’s, before Disco music, the songs were still of love as well as the protest songs of the era. Now days, songs have fallen off the ledge morally and hit rock bottom. I can’t help but remember a song from the early 2000’s titled, “I Want to F___ You in the A__”. The limit’s in that song do not exist.

responsibilityThe really horrible thing about the age in which we live now is that everyone wants to have a voice, but not listen to others. Yes, we have free speech in most countries, but to shut someone off because they have an opposing point of view, whether backed with facts or not is not a reason to fight, verbally nor physically. We as a worldwide society now will not advance/grow until we learn to sit with each other and have discussions, even debates and at least learn to listen to understand, not just respond. We have to take responsibility for our words as well as our actions, not blame others or situations. We have the ability to make changes, but they have to be done with understanding and responsibility.

While this post addresses the sexual community, this applies to all aspects of life, including, but not limited to guns, immigration, culture, religion, economics, security, the internet and of course other situations which affect all of us, no matter how much.

If nothing else: conservatism as a base, your foundation, then liberalism as something you understand as a freedom and its consequences should be our goal.

Only the best for ALL, not just a few, please.