Passion for Emotional Release

I often wonder what drives people to answer, or respond to life’s questions and statements.  Today, I got a smattering of an answer.

One of my dear cousins in Europe was posting in facebook, and it seemed that she was a bit frustrated with people correcting her, and/or making judgments about her posts.  We Thinking2essentially got into a conversation about some things we know to be true, but many of the “general public” know little to nothing about, but are more than happy to make assumptions upon from what can be only be termed as willful ignorance.

Another [recent] friend in facebook seems to have a penchant for “stirring the pot”.  At first, it seemed odd that she would say some of the things she does, but when I answered with information I can reference, she didn’t counter my statements.  I eventually asked her if she was “stirring the pot” for the sake of conversation… she pretty much (not directly) admitted that she does so on purpose.  What I’ve found interesting in what she does is, she makes statements [usually] or questions that purposefully get under peoples “skin”.  What’s most interesting is what happens next – people reply from their emotions, not from logic, not with material that can be proven, mostly just emotional responses.

If I were taking a survey on how most people respond to information contradictory to a segment of society’s beliefs, or questions that can inflame tempers, I’d say that from these two sources – and probably many others – I’d have my answers: people respond to most stimuli through emotions.

Now, my question is, do people respond through emotions because it is something of a personal nature, or a lack of information?

… oh, I may as well ask one more question:  how do emotional responses affect the world in which we live?