Creationist vs. Science – WHY?

Here is a debate/fight that I fail to understand…

… if for no other reason, if you don’t agree, how about trying to UNDERSTAND what you don’t agree about – even if you still don’t agree, you’ll understand:

Or is it that you feel the need to make everyone believe as you do?  You do know that is called conformity, right?  Also, you do realize that no one will ever get the whole world to agree on more than just the basics – there is air, water… etc., right?

Or is it that you’re (creationists) stubborn in your beliefs that you think our Creator will go to you and tell you if your understanding is incorrect?  If you have a direct link to our Creator, then it’s time to prove it… not prove that it’s written, just that you are correct.  If you can’t, accept differences, that’s what this life is about.

My further comments are in this video: