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K. William Spencer


Have you ever met with a friend and been sucked into their drama? Or, for that matter, it may be a family member whose story you have heard many times, and here it comes again, wearing a slightly different colour.

We’ve all had this experience. I have been asked to say something about being sucked in yet again by the same old stuff. How do we stop the madness? Things can be going along so peacefully and if it weren’t for people getting in the way, life would be pure bliss. I have news for you: there is a way not to get pulled into the dramas other people are living in.

I have a saying, “There is God’s business, other people’s business, and my business.” Spirit tells me I should mind my business and let Him mind other people’s business. But, Spirit, how do I do that when people are constantly repeating their stuff to me?

The truth is that I have come to not mind other people rehashing their stuff because it doesn’t affect me any more. Maybe it has even become a bit boring. I try not to yawn. But I have a way to get past it. I will share it at the end of this discourse.

 Spirit, would you shed some light on this issue, please?

 Other people’s stuff, as you put it, are their truths and very important to them. They believe their dramas are very real and is the only thing of any importance in any given moment. They hash it out to you so they can have a sounding board outside of themselves. Most are not sure of their own feelings in any given situation. They are not aware of what role they play in their own drama. They have a need to bounce their thoughts off other people to get feedback to assure them and help them with their own uncertainty. They don’t want to be made wrong. They need empowerment from outside themselves. Most of the time they just want to be heard and do not especially want any advice or answers.

Of course, their rehashing of their drama never helps them because the problem remains inside them, never outside them. They have a movie running inside their mind that plays over and over. Most movies have a beginning, middle and ending. However, there is no ending to this sort of movie because it is always in limbo with plenty going on in the middle but never coming to an end or a resolution. The beginning has been forgotten because most people do not remember what got them into their drama. They just know it feels very real in the moment.

 The way to stay calm and centred and have no attachments to anyone’s drama is to remember several things. It isn’t real. It is their illusion. It is their truth and no one else’s. They have given everything the meaning it has for them and, finally, anyone’s drama is a part of time which does not exist.

 I have taken this advice to heart. I refuse to take people’s dramas seriously. I can be empathetic and understanding to the fact that their drama is very serious to them. But, in order to remain unaffected, I realize it is their movie and I have no right being in it. So I listen politely and have empathy for them. I know this too shall pass. I see an ending even if they don’t. I picture it for them as if it has already happened. And it always is a happy ending. Because time doesn’t exist, we can project an ending as if it were already here. We can envision the person smiling and happy with the outcome.

This too shall pass” is a truth hard to escape. Getting caught up in dramas solves nothing. What happens if we, too, get dragged into the movie others are Pat Kammerproducing and become so affected that we cannot be calm? What if we become as insane as they are? Then the movie just gained another player, and the drama has grown to even bigger proportions. We become part of the problem, and not the answer.

I do spiritual counselling called trance-therapy, and this Spiritual wisdom has helped me tremendously, not only in counselling but in my own personal dramas and, as well, those of close friends and family.

It does not help to be sucked in. It only helps to be a calming influence for ourselves and for others. The way to do it is simple. Being mindful of it is the trick. With practise and repetition it can be habit-forming. The teaching here is part of fifth-dimension thinking.

Whenever I am speaking with people and they begin talking about their past and their worry of the future, I have learned to look down on it from above. I see things from a different angle and somehow things do not look serious from above. Movies are recognized for what they really are with a beginning and an end; the middle does not matter and is never remembered much. Spirit sees things from this angle. Spirit knows there is nothing to fear and there is nothing to worry about or get upset over. Spirit knows the beginning and the end. I have become used to dwelling in this dimension of thinking, and strive to think with this mindset. Wow! What a difference this makes to our bliss. And another thing: Spirit knows the end of the movie. We are never judged, and we are abundant, smiling, and free. Most importantly, we are loved.

So be it, and so it is.


Pat Kammer