Do You Worry, or Do You Live Life?

Ya know, some of the most difficult and annoying lessons to learn are the ones that you already know – so I guess that’s called “re-learning.”

Over the past few weeks, I became wrapped up in what I thought was “concern” for some aspects of my future: concern is what I was telling myself it was – it was worry.  Think of it this way:  all ofNegativeThoughts us have “a past”, and some of us live life and let the past, be past.  There are those of us that live in the past and find the present and the future to be difficult to deal with… then there are those of us that call being concerned about something in the past and how it will affect our future, “planning for the future”.

Planning for the future should always be understood as, and lived as making positive plans and aspirations for some wonderful goal.  If you’re a parent, or a parent to be, the best plans are for your child(rens) health, education (at home and school) and what kind of adult will they grow to be.  If you’re a business owner, you do your best to plan the how’s and what’s that will make your business a success – we all do our best to plan the best for our futures.  However, there is another thought that permeates our thinking.

There are those of us that, for what ever reason, think of all that can go wrong rather than all that can go well.  If you know these kinds of people, you may find yourself asking them or just asking yourself, why is it this person works so hard at succeeding, but never gets there?  This is not to say that every person focuses on wealth:  I’m speaking about a persons personal goals, whether for her or his self, a family member, business, art, or just for fun.  You may be asking the same of yourself.

If your thoughts are focusing on what can, what may go wrong, how it can or will go wrong, is it any wonder that you or the “other” person never succeeds at what you or they say they want?  This sounds so simple, and guess what?  It is!  So, why do you and others find it so difficult to focus on the things you want to accomplish, and/or have?  Is it because you were taught to think that way?  Your peers think and speak that way?  The people you socialize with, you work with, your home life whether past or present is that way?

No one living alone with the ability to do what they deny themselves to be able to do ever said, “I’m too lazy to get up to eat, I just can’t get up…” and got to the kitchen to eat.  Maybe someone dropped by which forced them to get up, but left alone… However, if there is something that is only to be accomplished by you and no one else, and you think yourself out of it, it will NOT get done.  Why?  Your thoughts made you accept failure.

Let’s bring this thought home:  recently, even I had to “re-learn” that dwelling on a past action that I thought I’d have to deal with in a way that I didn’t want too was a concern.  It turned out to be,stop-recycling-thoughts-dr-diva-verdun-2 that once I was honest with myself, I had to admit it was fear driven, which is a negative thought.  Once I realized that, once I admitted that to myself, I was able to change my thoughts, then my journey into the future, from then until now, has improved greatly!  … and I do mean, Greatly!

So kiddies (to be a little light-hearted), what’s the moral of this thought and story?  Be honest with yourself and see who and what you really are; see what thoughts are holding you back and why – then change them…

… or continue your current path if it suits you, but please don’t complain…

I really do wish you all the best, always.