What the Future Can Bring

Last night, I viewed the movie, “Men in Black 3” for the second time.  I did this because I wanted to remember the point most people (I’m guessing here) have or will miss.  It ties in with all the disappointment, hatred and distress many American‘s have because their favorite candidate did not win the presidential election.  The really sad part in all of this is that the religious among us seem to be the most hypocritical.  These are the ones I’ve seen having the largest “hissy-fits”, claiming everything from, “G-d has failed us…”, to blaming each other for not voting for their candidate of choice… and more.

Since my youth, I’ve always wondered about choices I’ve made – what would things be like if…  and what will things be like if…  In the movie, there is a character, an alien that has the ability to see the future, or shall we say, future possibilities.  For those of us that know at least something of metaphysics, or those that really have some grip, or understanding of religious beliefs, we understand that the future is NOT written in stone, only the past is.

When we give up on future possibilities, we’ve consigned ourselves to (usually) a very bleak future.  When we don’t get what we want, the worst thing we can do is to become a spoiled little child who thinks that the world is going to end because he/she didn’t get the toy it wanted.  What will the future be?  Do you really think you know more than our Creator?  Or has your creator whispered in your ear to tell you how bleak the future will be?

In most of the 2012 prophecies that I’ve read, viewed and listened too, there is a common theme present in all, or at least most of them:  we have the chance to turn things around, but WE have to do this together!

It’s time for all of us to grow up, to stop throwing fits when we don’t get what we want.  I’d have thought that we as a people, as adults would have learned this simple lesson by now, but it seems that I’ve thought wrong.  But… it seems that I’ve gotten a lot of things wrong:

  • Since the Civil Rights Era, I thought 45 to 50 years later, the races and cultures in the U.S. were well past the discrimination that is so prevalent now.  Maybe the “47%” and a few million more are, but not as much as I’d have thought or hoped for;
  • I thought that the religious intolerance so prevalent in the years – millennia before the 1960’s was almost gone… but I’m wrong again;
  • In an age where industrialism and great wealth has been acquired, I thought starvation and poverty was a thing of the past, or would be – wrong again;
  • I thought that corporate leaders would have learned good lessons from the past and have learned to share the wealth, which in turn means that those with money will spend it… wrong again;
  • Although this list can go on longer, let’s stop here – I thought that at this time in our history, the majority of people would have become much more intelligent and wise with all the information available, instead, the majority still prefers to follow “hearsay”, rumors, conspiracy theories… anything other than checking for facts and what really was or is.

So I ask, are we really doomed to a worldwide failure, or do we have the ability to change our direction?  We cannot return to what once was, but we can and should learn from our past and make a better future.

It’s your choice – it’s a choice for all of us.

What will it be?