The History of Planet Earth in Ten Seconds

We’ve heard the expressions, “We can’t see the forest for the trees”, and “Sometimes you have to step out [or step back] of yourself [your own existence] to see the whole picture.”  I’ve been attempting to help you, the reader, to do just that.  Yesterday I gave you a lot to read and a series of videos to watch, ponder and learn from and tomorrow, even though I normally don’t post on the weekends, I have one recent [recorded late last month] continuous and long video for you.  I alluded to this subject a few months ago, now someone else has presented this information on a radio program [tomorrows video].  In my seminars back in the 1990’s, I’d present information that shows how our belief systems are much more similar than they are different, even down to the prophecies.

Here is a picture that pretty much sums up what we’ve become by stepping back and observing it from a humorous, but succinct point of view.

Have a great day, and I hope you’ll take the time to listen to tomorrows post!