What the Future Can Bring

Last night, I viewed the movie, “Men in Black 3” for the second time.  I did this because I wanted to remember the point most people (I’m guessing here) have or will miss.  It ties in with all the disappointment, hatred and distress many American‘s have because their favorite candidate did not win the presidential election.  The really sad part in all of this is that the religious among us seem to be the most hypocritical.  These are the ones I’ve seen having the largest “hissy-fits”, claiming everything from, “G-d has failed us…”, to blaming each other for not voting for their candidate of choice… and more.

Since my youth, I’ve always wondered about choices I’ve made – what would things be like if…  and what will things be like if…  In the movie, there is a character, an alien that has the ability to see the future, or shall we say, future possibilities.  For those of us that know at least something of metaphysics, or those that really have some grip, or understanding of religious beliefs, we understand that the future is NOT written in stone, only the past is.

When we give up on future possibilities, we’ve consigned ourselves to (usually) a very bleak future.  When we don’t get what we want, the worst thing we can do is to become a spoiled little child who thinks that the world is going to end because he/she didn’t get the toy it wanted.  What will the future be?  Do you really think you know more than our Creator?  Or has your creator whispered in your ear to tell you how bleak the future will be?

In most of the 2012 prophecies that I’ve read, viewed and listened too, there is a common theme present in all, or at least most of them:  we have the chance to turn things around, but WE have to do this together!

It’s time for all of us to grow up, to stop throwing fits when we don’t get what we want.  I’d have thought that we as a people, as adults would have learned this simple lesson by now, but it seems that I’ve thought wrong.  But… it seems that I’ve gotten a lot of things wrong:

  • Since the Civil Rights Era, I thought 45 to 50 years later, the races and cultures in the U.S. were well past the discrimination that is so prevalent now.  Maybe the “47%” and a few million more are, but not as much as I’d have thought or hoped for;
  • I thought that the religious intolerance so prevalent in the years – millennia before the 1960’s was almost gone… but I’m wrong again;
  • In an age where industrialism and great wealth has been acquired, I thought starvation and poverty was a thing of the past, or would be – wrong again;
  • I thought that corporate leaders would have learned good lessons from the past and have learned to share the wealth, which in turn means that those with money will spend it… wrong again;
  • Although this list can go on longer, let’s stop here – I thought that at this time in our history, the majority of people would have become much more intelligent and wise with all the information available, instead, the majority still prefers to follow “hearsay”, rumors, conspiracy theories… anything other than checking for facts and what really was or is.

So I ask, are we really doomed to a worldwide failure, or do we have the ability to change our direction?  We cannot return to what once was, but we can and should learn from our past and make a better future.

It’s your choice – it’s a choice for all of us.

What will it be?

God in a Box

During the past week since my last post, I’ve had many ideas that I thought were worthy of writing, but alas, none had “heart”.  Wednesday morning here in the America‘s, I was going to write about the hatred and all the negativity being expressed concerning the re-election of President Obama – that didn’t have heart either.  With regard to his re-election, I even had selected posts from “religious” people who were throwing literal “hissy-fits” over the election results.  One of my facebook friends posted this picture, then

“I don’t fit in your box”
– God

I re-posted it.  One friend caught on and a conversation followed.

Without divulging our conversation, but at least giving the highlights, this is pretty much what was covered:

… We are a people who love to hate for any number of reasons. Love is something we talk about, but practice in a very limited fashion.

Also, I’m one that not only believes in miracles, but lives them on a daily basis. I don’t claim to know the mind of G-d, but like Albert Einstein, it’s what I strive for. Even as Abraham Lincoln is credited for saying (paraphrased), “It’s not important that G-d is on my side, it’s far more important that I am on G-d’s side.” To live in HIS shadow means that I can be both part of a miracle, and the recipient of such; and if you wish, the observer of a/many miracle(s) that others miss.

Mankind has a L-O-N-G history of screwing things up when we forget who really is in charge, then take matters into our own hands. It’s my suggestion that instead of being so angry and upset over the outcome of an election, embrace what is and seek whatever your role is from our Creator and be a part of what He has either made or allowed and grow.

I only include this here because I made a decision yesterday – I’m not going to write about the ill’s of our world, they’re quite evident.  If this means that I lose even more of my readers, so be it.  I know that “bad news sells”, but this constant rehashing of negativity tends to drag me down with it, and in the end, I don’t like myself or the world in which we live.  I have chosen to focus on all that is great, and what can be through love and compassion.

When my now 31-year-old child was around six years old, we were on vacation and traveling cross-country by car.  Each time we stopped for gas and/or food, I’d talk with people like I’ve known them for a long time (something I learned from my father).  My daughter asked, “Dad, is there anyone that you don’t know?”  I smiled and answered her with a quote from Will Rogers, “Strangers are friends I haven’t met.”  The truth is, I like to make people smile – and think.  Whenever we have the chance, why not make a person smile?  It costs nothing and from time-to-time, the smile you just shared makes you smile too!

For some of my friends and/or readers, if you haven’t noticed by now, I do believe in G-d, and it’s based on my relationship with It.  I say “It”, “Creator”, “Source”, et al because I don’t attempt to put “Him”, “Her” in a box.  For me, it’s enough that I have conversations with our Creator, so gender is of no consequence for me.  If you’re offended by my “liberal” expressions, I guess this blog won’t be of any interest to you – but this does not mean that it will turn religious… I have no desire to make this into a religious blog, but from time-to-time, there will be quotes and thoughts that will come from a belief system.

Anyway, have a great and wonderful weekend and if I’m so inspired, there will be something here to read next week!

All the best!


I Give Up

As some of you know, I’ve been toying with the idea of ending my blogging life for some time now.  I’m pretty much to the point that I will stop blogging soon.  I feel pretty much like what George Carlin says in this video, “There are more people writing poetry these days than reading it.”  Everyone has something to say, but no one bothers to learn.  I didn’t start blogging to entertain, but for the grand purpose of getting others to think differently than what we call the norm and hopefully to better themselves, thus bettering society – FAIL!

I’ve always loved George Carlin’s observations and humor (not always his language), and even though I’m not an atheist as he was, I’m not what most would call, “religiously normal” either.  The following video is not one of his stand-up acts; it’s an interview which explains why he gave up on humanity and why he divorced himself from what is, or in his case, what was.  In part and parcel, I feel the same, so I thought I’d share this with those of you who actually still hold on to…. ???

As you may have read in some of my previous posts, “We deserve what we get!”

Good luck with your future!


Whether anything “happens” on December 21st or not, it’s only 47 days away!

There are More Things In Heaven and Earth

We live in an age where everyone has an opinion and everyone’s opinion holds more value than what can be and is proven.  Because someone, without proof says something is, it is.  Because someone says something isn’t, it isn’t.  Where’s the proof to prove either claim?  If you question, you may be subjected to ridicule, not reason.  Is it little wonder we live in a time where ignorance reigns, but knowledge and wisdom holds little value?

“And therefore as a stranger give it welcome.
There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

The following video – audio actually… it’s an audio feed from a radio program – speaks about what we’re all observing, but few want to talk about and so many wish to ignore.  The organization that has been and is studying all of the earth changes we’ve been witnessing from a scientific point of view admits that they had to study more in-depth, the prophecies of ancient cultures and one of the many things they found is that, despite the culture they come from, they’re all saying the same things.

I strongly recommend you take the time to listen carefully to the whole program, and as I always suggest, weigh it with your instinct, it won’t lie to you.

Have a wonderful weekend!

The History of Planet Earth in Ten Seconds

We’ve heard the expressions, “We can’t see the forest for the trees”, and “Sometimes you have to step out [or step back] of yourself [your own existence] to see the whole picture.”  I’ve been attempting to help you, the reader, to do just that.  Yesterday I gave you a lot to read and a series of videos to watch, ponder and learn from and tomorrow, even though I normally don’t post on the weekends, I have one recent [recorded late last month] continuous and long video for you.  I alluded to this subject a few months ago, now someone else has presented this information on a radio program [tomorrows video].  In my seminars back in the 1990’s, I’d present information that shows how our belief systems are much more similar than they are different, even down to the prophecies.

Here is a picture that pretty much sums up what we’ve become by stepping back and observing it from a humorous, but succinct point of view.

Have a great day, and I hope you’ll take the time to listen to tomorrows post!

Your Conscious Thoughts Are Your Reality

Carlos Castaneda

Recently, I was watching a made for television movie (one of the main reasons I hate watching television, and do so very seldom) about evil and vindictive spirits and the Catholic Church – you know, the typical “Exorcist” styled movie.  While watching this movie, I thought about people I know that will swear to you that this kind of phenomenon exists all the time.  Then on the other hand, I know people who will swear to you that this is nothing but “hog-wash.”  So, who has it right?

In my youth, I read most of Carlos Castaneda‘s books, “the Teachings of Don Juan“.  They were very enlightening and very thought-provoking.  These books taught a lot of native beliefs and what some call sorcery.  There are some that would say those teachings are evil, they’re malicious, they’re false and so on.  I didn’t find them to be negative at all… I guess that’s because I didn’t start reading the books out of fear or apprehension.   I read them with the mindset of desiring to understand, incorporate these “teachings” in with what I already knew and weigh them in the balance.  For me, life has been and continues to be a journey, not a destination.   As Albert Einstein said (paraphrased), “I love to travel, I hate to arrive.”

What I have learned along the way is, what you’ve experienced and what others will believe are often not the same.  My many experiences, when relayed to others, does not bring a unity of experiences, a unity of life, i.e., ‘I’ll learn from you, and you can learn from me.’  No, quite the opposite.  When I share, most people will shy away from me, not caring to learn, ask questions or understand what I’ve learned and have or can apply to life.

So, here’s another question:  if some will swear that they’ve seen demons, evil spirits, angel’s, disembodied spirits, et al, why is it others have not?  What separates us in our experiences?

Below is a ten part series on conscious thought and how it creates our reality.  If you have “religious” beliefs, this may help you understand why we’re guided not to counsel with “mediums”, why – honestly – Jewish and Christian scriptures describe hell as an experience akin to manic depression and heaven as ecstasy (not the drug).  There are so many references to ones state of mind in scriptural context, in the sciences, and in literature, why is it we don’t understand this?  We’ve heard the expression, “Garbage in, garbage out” many times in our lifetime, but why does its meaning escape us?

Sentient beings  is a term used to designate the totality of living, conscious beings that constitute the object and audience of Buddhist teaching. Translating various Sanskrit terms ( jantu, bahu jana, jagat, sattva ), sentient beings  conventionally refers to the mass of living things subject to illusion, suffering, and rebirth (Saṃsāra). Less frequently, sentient beings  as a class broadly encompasses all beings possessing consciousness, including Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.

In many ways, we create the world around us, yet for most, we’re just living the experiences others have created for us – we’ve given our obligation to be masters of our own destiny, our own experiences, our own choices, to someone else.  We’ve closed our minds to our own possibilities, our abilities and our obligation to be sentient beings.  We speak of freedom and say that we cherish it, but our actions speak differently.

What we see, what we experience is limited to our own acceptance of who and what we are versus what we’re told and accept.  If you’re in a “group” that believes in demons and evil spirits, expect to experience them:  if you’re a person that seeks knowledge, wisdom, understanding, true love… all the wonderful things of life – you will, as long as that is your focus!

Here is the video:  the last time I viewed this, when each segment (ten minutes per segment) ended, the next one would start automatically – however, whether this is still the case, it’s well worth your time to watch and learn.

All the best in your choices!