Truth and Perception

Last week, I said that I was going to write about Mitt Romney and what I feel are definite reasons  not to vote for him.  I had documentation, videos, photos and I had the ability to tie them all together to make what I considered to be a great case against him.  Since then, I’ve thought, and re-thought about that and while I feel that I can make a very good stance on the subject, I’ve come to realize that…

Throughout my lifetime, I’ve noticed that people will make decisions for many various reasons, whether logical or emotional.  For many people, even when the facts have been provided and backed up with irrefutable documentation/evidence, people will still make decisions from an emotional stance, rather than from logic.  We can see this in our everyday lives.

Just last week, while talking with a very close friend, he stated that he is making his choice for president based on only one thing the candidate of his choice has stated.  For me and a few other of my friends, we consider this to be akin to accepting a choice built on a lie.  If you or anyone gives an answer that is only 80% correct, is it the truth, or a lie?  Let’s look at it from another perspective:  if you’re allergic to preservatives such as what you’ll find in a bottle of wine (I have a couple of friends that are allergic to various sulfites  and have almost died because of that additive), is it ok to drink that bottle of wine (or eat the food that has even trace levels of peanuts if you have a peanut allergy) because it’s over 95% pure?  Will that person be alright?

I know, you don’t have any of these problems, so this means it’s ok for you.  Your perspective is, it’s not my problem and the truth doesn’t matter.  So GMO foods are alright with you also.  Dropping bombs with depleted uranium is ok too, because it doesn’t affect you directly.  This list virtually has no end…

… but that’s my perspective.

Good luck with your future!