The Future By Design

Have you ever considered the possibility that how you live today is all by design?  Let’s go even further – a design within a design.  Our first design is what was given us “in the beginning”.  Or second design, the design within the original design is what we call our present-day world – our society, the one that most people complain about, but do little, or nothing to change.  Our world of privatization by corporations.  The same companies that pollute our natural resources just so they can sell us the cleaner versions of what they screwed up.  The same corporations that say they’re people, but no one has yet seen a corporation in a hospital, or a gravestone with a corporate name on it with a body buried beneath it.  The corporate leaders that are now being investigated for attempting to influence, if not just down-right threatening their employees into voting as the corporate leaders want them to vote.  Your design within a design – one that you can change.

Those of us that still believe there is One that is responsible for all that is, no matter if you have a religion or not – if you’re atheist, this means nothing to you – but our existence, and for this blog entry, our physical existence has its limitations.  We were… we ARE given a planet… each one of us, to live on… to be “fruitful and multiply.”  We have within our reach, daily, the means to have a worldwide society of love, peace and plenty, yet we seem to cherish the opposites – hatred, strife and destitution.  As “westernized” people, when our forefathers left their homes in Europe and Asia in search of a place that supports freedom, they went to the lands now known as the America‘s, Australia, the Philippines, New Zealand and many other places.  When the natives of these lands welcomed our forefathers and taught them how to live on these lands which would have continued to provide all the fresh foods, fresh water and natural medicines we would ever need, our ancestors and now us, we repay their hospitality with death and continued attempts of indoctrination into a society that is abhorrent to them.

Ok, so we’ve made our choices, but from time-to-time, we’re given visionaries such as Nikolai Tesla and Jacque Fresco.  Have you ever heard of him?  If you haven’t, I’d say that it’s not surprising.  He, like Tesla was a visionary for a better humanity – not for profit, but for the benefit of ALL mankind!

Below is a documentary about and on Mr. Fresco’s dream, his philosophy and for those that like science and gadgets, some pretty interesting inventions, and their functionality for now and the future.

Since this is my last post for this week, take your time in viewing this, after all, it’s an hour and a half long.  I do hope you’ll pay attention to the philosophy explained within the video: I won’t say that I agree 100% with everything he states, but I do agree with more of what he says than not.

Before you view this, please consider this, then ask yourself one question:

Have you heard the “joke” about the man that lived in a valley?  One day, heavy rains came to his area and started flooding the area.  The man was very pious, so he prayed that he would be alright.  The next day, the flood waters rose up to his door.  A couple came by in a 4 X 4 truck and told him that the flood was going to continue and for him to get in their truck so they could go to a safer area.  The man refused saying, “G-d will save me!”

The next day, the man had to move to his second floor because the waters were now occupying his ground floor.  A man came by in a motorboat and assured the man on the second floor that the flood was going to get worse, and urged him to get in the boat and he’d take him to safety.  Again his reply was, “G-d will save me!”

The next day, the man is sitting on the roof of his house – no place else to go.  A helicopter came by and tried to get him in and take him to safety.  His reply?  Hehhhh… you already know, “G-d will save me.”

Later that day, he’s in heaven standing before G-d.  The man proceeds to accuse G-d of not answering his prayers.  G-d replies, ” I sent you the truck, but you refused: I sent you the boat, but you refused: I sent you the helicopter, but you refused.  So, where is the problem?”

Now for the question: if you want a better life, how long will you ignore those that have come to help you attain your desires?

Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂


One thought on “The Future By Design

  1. God lives in us; we are the vessels through he works.
    God lives in others; solving their problems is doing the will of God.
    If we refuse to love and to help, we cannot claim to love God.
    As we do unto these little ones, so we do unto God.
    I love the beautiful way you make your points. Keep up the good work!


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