Change You Can Believe In

During this time of election debates and slogans that were created to say in short form what the candidate stands for, let’s choose this one today: “Change You Can Believe In!”

A friend of mine from long ago posted a comment about how so many others think the U.S. President is the one that runs the country.  Ironically, I have two blog posts on that same subject from last month, so I shared them with him.

When President Obama ran with that slogan in 2007, it was a good slogan, but the problem is, society has become ignorant spectators.  Harsh?  I think not – unless you’re accustomed only to soft, delicate language.  Why do I use these two words?:

  • Ignorant:  As I stated in yesterday’s post, our society has not carried on the age-old practice of studying the whole truth.  If what we read, hear or see agrees with our take of something – it’s true!  No it’s not!!!  You just found someone who voices your opinion which gives you the feeling of being vindicated because someone with a larger reputation than you just said what you believe.  Most people don’t even know what the opposing views are, so as I often say, “these people couldn’t argue or debate their way out of a wet paper bag!”
  • Spectators:  Times have changed so much:  in the years of my youth, we’d see people who actively took part in social, economic, political, etc., change – the change started with the person.  Now days, we watch others on our televisions, electronically sign petitions via our computers and possibly a few will participate in OWS protests… and from what I see, even a few will antagonize law enforcement officials trying to make them look worse than what they already are – not every law enforcement officer is bad, but like everything else in life, if one subject gets enough media play, it must be true.  For example, if you don’t know any middle-eastern people, and all you know of them is what you hear, read, view on television, etc., then everyone from the mid-east, except Jew‘s, are Arabic and Muslim… and all the Muslims are terrorists.  If you don’t know any Blacks and all you know of Blacks is from music and what your news service feeds you – that most Blacks commit robberies, muggings, killings and theft… then you’re a spectator.

Is it any wonder that I say that we deserve what is coming?  We want change, but we want someone else to make the change while we enjoy the results.  This is the living example of Albert Einstein’s (paraphrased) quote on, “Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over, yet expecting different results.”  As long as we expect others to do what all of us are to do, nothing will change and we’ll continue our downward spiral into the abyss.

One last thing to consider:  I’m not talking about elections only, however I’m not excluding them either.  The change we need has to start within each of us to really make a difference in the world – but of far more value is the change that occurs within each of us for our own benefit – our individual futures, then our collective future… for the future of each and every child… or is that a lost cause as well?