How I Became Independent In Thought and Actions

Over this past weekend I had a whole list of things that I wanted to write about, but I couldn’t settle on one subject… but when I thought I had, the subject didn’t have the “fire” that I usually feel when I write.  I wanted to have a post published a few hours ago, but still hadn’t found “that” one thing to write about.

Then, while involved in a chore here at home, I had a thought about why I’ve become so “different” from those I grew up with and many of those that I’ve befriended throughout the years.

I can’t relate what others see in/of me, but that’s just the way life is.  Our experiences are our own, and no one knows or even understands our experiences; they are for the individual.  Our communities may benefit or suffer because of our experiences, but still, those experiences are ours to live and understand, many times, alone.

In the 1960’s, there was a great change in society as we knew it in the 1950’s.  My brothers generation and mine came along when growing your hair long, wearing non-conventional clothes… in short, bucking the system of society was commonplace.  We didn’t want the war in Viet Nam, races and cultures of all backgrounds wanted equality and so much more.  It was a time of social upheaval and liberation!  Many of us took-off on the road of discovery by traveling the country (and some, countries) to discover ourselves.  I was one of them.

Some of the things I learned on my road to discovery was:

  • I can make my own decisions and be confident that MY choices were and are good, not only for me, but for those around me:
  • I can stand on my own two feet and hold my head high – not from arrogance, but because I learned to trust in myself and our Source of life:
  • I learned that people of all cultures have a high-capacity for love, no matter what your background is:
  • I learned to know our Source through many silent hours of hitchhiking and wondering where I was and where I was going – never in fear, but in awe.

While I was remembering and reliving all of this, it dawned on me that this may be a reason many to this day don’t understand me, my words and intentions; why when I put so much emphasis on understanding G-d/Source outside the paradigm of religion, the understanding is lost.

In my days of youth long-lost, it also seemed that the general population was interested in learning, learning from one another as well as from books.  If I were to make an observation of present-day society, I’d say that natural curiosity, the thirst and hunger to understand has been lost to immediate gratification… the desire to have everything immediately.  If it sounds good, it must be right.  Few seem to study beyond the pale of emotional gratification.

In my youth, I thought that this would be an age where knowledge and wisdom would be held in high regard:  I’m sadly disappointed 😦

Recently a friend made a statement that has stayed with me, “You can not change prophecy.  What is written will come to pass.”  If this is true, what’s in store for us within the next two months, or next year?

One thing is for sure…

… we’ll be getting what we have given – we’ll get what we deserve.