With all that is written and spoken about how to better our lives/ourselves in videos, movies, audio books and so much more, our society still circles the drain.  Do our egos get in our way?  Are we still practicing intellectual segregation?  Or are we polarizing ourselves as we do in election years? – My guru is smarter than your guru!

If all you’re doing is reading a book and thinking your intellect will bring you to a better understanding – it’s no wonder we still circle the drain.  I’ve tried to help you understand with this weeks posts, but I dare say many still don’t understand, so I’ll try to make it simple:

We live in a world of frequencies.  Light is perceived by the eyes as frequencies; sound is measured in frequencies; touch is measured in frequencies… EVERYTHING we experience is related to frequencies.  When we talk about how we feel about someone, many of us say, “I don’t get a good vibe about that person… “, or, “I really get  a good feeling when I’m with that person.”  Those of us that know about Reiki, Tai Chi, QiGong, light and sound therapies, drumming and music therapies know that all of these and more are all related to frequencies.

Your thoughts are frequencies, which means you constantly create your own world.  You’ll draw and repel people according to your thoughts, and most importantly, you’re making your future via your thoughts.  No matter what happens by the end of this year, or by the end of your life – whenever that is – your thoughts will create your future as well as your present – your time right now.

In the end; your end or our end… you, all of us will get what we deserve, and you won’t be able to blame anyone, or give credit to anyone for where your journey ends, but yourself.

Everywhere we turn; television, radio, print media, the internet, etc., there are commentaries about “our enemies”.  There are theories about presidential candidates; corrupt bankers and corporations… collectively, we point our fingers at someone else – place the blame for our ill’s upon someone else.  Why?  Because it’s easier to point outside ourselves, wanting someone else to change rather than see there is a problem within us, the individual.  We’d rather think that we’re ok, but everyone else needs to change.  This is the time to know your enemy – it’s not governments, bankers, corporations, police, military, thieves, murderers, religions, atheists, et al, your enemy is… you!