Know Yourself First

I intended to write on conformity – the reasons why we’re a society of conformists instead a society of individuals with a common goal and how all this came about.  I may write on this someday soon, but during my search for information to share and reference, I became overwhelmed.  Luckily, I archive a lot of material that I read and view.

I found this video filed away long ago in my YouTube account and viewed it once again just to see how it relates to what I wanted to present here today – it’s still wonderful after all this time!

This is a fifteen minute video that I feel was created very well and explains its subject matter with great ease, much thought and with the intent of having the viewer contemplate their current state of being; how he/she got where they are; what is hindering their understanding, hence their growth, and much more.

If you’re truly looking to grow… to become the person/individual you are supposed to be, take the time to view this.  If you’d like to talk/discuss this, please contact me via the “Comment” tab below this post.

Know yourself and set yourself free!

More tomorrow!



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