What We See, What is Seen and What is Understood

The world in which we live in is far more vast than we can even speculate upon.  The unfortunate part of this is that most of us – as a population – would rather concern ourselves with what I call, the mundane… the physical world in which we sense through physical means; sight, sound, smell, touch and taste – the sensory modes of the physical world.  Is there any wonder why there are so many that are addicted to watching movies, sports, anything visual including voyeurism?  I love listening to music, but there are those that are addicted to… talk radio.  Ahhhh, the scent of a woman: the touch of someone who cares, loves, and that of passion: and taste which leads many to over-eat.  But isn’t there more to life than the physical senses?

Let me break the following into two different groups; the mere conformist, which I’ll call merely, conformist; and those that live what they know, which I’ll call, spiritual.  Many years ago when I would engage others in conversations, or if they wished to engage me, I’d ask, “are you religious or spiritual?”  Many had no idea of what I meant, but some did.  Through my experiences, those that are “religious” are the conformists… if whatever is spoken about isn’t written in their scriptures, they either don’t have an opinion; it’s wrong; it doesn’t exist… anything negative, and their minds are closed to anything outside their realm of reality.  Those that are “spiritual” are those that usually admit openly that there is a world of possibilities yet to explore and understand and have little to no problem with incorporating religion and science in order to understand life better – as long as the two are in balance.

In yesterday’s post, we hinted a little on the “connectedness” of man.  Let’s delve a bit more into this today.

One of my thoughts concerning this connectedness has been, is there a type of mass hypnosis applied to all of humanity?  This I doubt, unless you wish to understand the limitations of our senses in a field of frequencies as hypnosis.  Just as our ears can only perceive sounds within certain frequencies, we have the same limitations in sight, taste, touch, smell… etc., but here, we’re only speaking of the physical: what of the spirit?

There are many things we can experience via our spirit… if you really want too.  When you break free from the conformities that we were taught, you begin to understand.  If you’re Christian, you’ll remember this expression, “Seek and you shall find…”.  When you remember that your scriptures (no matter what religion) teaches you the basics, the examples and is a guide to a better life, not only for you, but for all of humanity… to accept others as they are, not as you wish, or believe them to be… just search for your relationship with our Source, then you experience the real world of connectedness, which is spiritual.

Here is another video for you to learn from and contemplate deeply:

More tomorrow!