On Conformity, Reality and Dreams

Hello Everyone!

Last week I told you that I wasn’t sure if I’d return, that was true – and quite honestly, I have no idea how long I’ll continue writing now, but I was “impressed” to continue, but with one basic thought in mind.  Before stopping last week, I was writing twice a day – that wasn’t difficult, but what was difficult was writing from two different perspectives:  one that was truly from me; the other to satisfy the desire of a few with (semi) sensationalism.  Also, I was posting at midnight my time to have a post starting at the beginning of my day, but that was taxing as well, because I would stay up to “advertise” each post to gather readers.  Now, I’ll post around 9:00 pm my time, and only one post per day.

A couple of “followers” expressed their desire for me to return, and specifically, two seemed to have known that I would return with something to share.  Well, I’m back and I suppose that just goes to show, we are all connected.  From this point forward, my posts will most likely be more esoteric, but I’m quite sure they will make you think – if you’re interested in what I write about.  To give you a hint: my past posts were geared more toward our place, our reactions in a world gone awry.  The posts that are to follow will be geared toward things of a spiritual nature.  I will attempt to explain some things well-known and somethings not so well-known in an effort to get you to think more about how you fit into this world we know as home.

Unlike many others, I won’t set myself up as an expert on what is to follow, I just intend to share my observations, experiences, and my thoughts on whatever subject matter is provided – it’s up to you to determine if it has any value for you.  Just as a foreword; all comments are welcome, but I will not approve any comments on what follows if it’s negative – as I just stated, it’s up to you to determine whether what is written here has value for YOU!  If it doesn’t… move on, it’ll be apparent that it’s not for you, but it may “hit home” for someone else.  Please do not insist on conformity – this blog is not about conformity, but it is about stretching your mind to the possibilities… to dream.