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Going along with today’s earlier post, let’s summarize some of the “Reasons to be Fed Up“.

  • Society is NOT just going down the tube, it’s approaching bottom;
  • A great majority of people as still seeking to be conformist, and want you and me to be conformist also;
  • People fear the present, the future, what they know, what the don’t (and most don’t know the difference), and they fear themselves (one of the major reasons for their conformity);
  • All of us need to understand that we need to change ourselves… stop thinking that we’re already the best example for mankind.  If you think like that, you definitely need to change – that’s ego based, which only serves you, and not that well either;
  • Stop judging others – setting yourself as a judge over others (actions, lifestyle, their choices, etc.) is again, ego based;
  • Life is changing, whether you believe it or not.

The following video is a great reminder… yes, from George Carlin… a great observer of humanity with the ability to see the humorous side of it as well.  This video I’d rate as “G” – acceptable for all audiences.

As always, have a wonderful weekend… and question everything!



One thought on “Reasons to be Fed Up – WatchOut

  1. Top reason I have to be fed up is that our basic human rights are constantly being overrun and decimated by American Corporate Government, and a lot of people are still fooled into thinking we’ve got it good. Which we do, because we feed off the scraps of corporate plunder, as Americans. Individually, we can’t change much. For example, if every one of us did the whole “101 Things You Can Do to Heal The Planet” we’d only decrease CO2 output from 7billion tons annually to 5 billion tons. Corporations and Industry are responsible for 70% of this giant problem we have, and consumers continue to take the blame off these industries, putting it on themselves and trying to figure out ways they can change. I tried last year to stop creating any kind of trash. It was practically impossible and I gave up A LOT of stuff like milk, cheese, store-bought bread and anything that came in plastic containers. It’s the choices we are given that make a difference first, then it’s the choices we make after that.


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