Reasons to be Fed Up – Security



Tell me, do you really feel more secure in your everyday life with all the security measures that have been instituted around the world over the past twenty years?  Really, do you?

Do you realize that in almost every major city around the world there are cameras on buildings monitoring the public streets?  Not just the traffic flow, but these cameras have facial recognition software in them as well.  Yeah, yeah, I know, “I have nothing to hide, so what’s the problem?”  The more you accept now, the more you’ll accept later.

Example:  In the 1960’s when I started flying, even on international flights, all you really needed was a ticket and some form of State ID and you were good to go!  In the late 1990’s, before “9/|11”, the TSA was formed and started and all they did was walk you through a full-body metal detector, and if necessary, a hand-held scanner, then rifle through your carry-on baggage; annoying? Yes, but we got used to it.  Post “9/11”:  If you fly these days, you know more about it more than I – remove your shoes, empty your pockets, turn on your cell phone and computer (“… so I’ll know that it’s actually what it appears to be”), walk through a full body scanner (being subjected to radiation), or be invasively pat-down (or felt-up as some say).  Have you gotten used to it yet?

Haven’t you ever heard the expression,

“Put a frog into a pot of boiling water and it will try to get out; put a frog in a pot of cool water and slowly turn up the heat, and you can cook it alive.”

It’s the same as an old joke about a man jumping out of a twenty-story building, “… he could be heard saying as he passed each floor, “so far, so good!””  How about, “it’s not the fall that kills you, it’s the sudden stop.”

As you slowly and surely give up your liberties just to feel secure, and when you realize that when it all started you said, “I have nothing to hide”, but when “they” come looking for you, you won’t remember when and how all this got started.  After WWI, the U.S. became a very pacifist country.  That generation saw the horrors of that war and vowed that they would NOT get involved in any other foreign war.  As Hitler came into power, the U.S. still wanted no part of international war – President F.D. Roosevelt knew this, so he had to let the destruction of Pearl Harbor happen so the nation would get motivated to participate.  Hatred motivates people more than love and tolerance.  I know, you don’t believe me on how “they” manipulate us, so watch this two-minute video:

I just thought I’d throw that in to let you know that it’s not speculation on my part.

Oh!  Before I forget… on security:  When I was in my teens and twenties, my friends, family and I would often cross the border into Canada for day ventures.  The one question that would always be asked was, “Do you have any weapons?”  My question (not to customs) was, what do they consider a weapon?  Jump to the year 2003 – I was traveling from Louisiana to Arizona by bus;  in New Mexico, we had a lay-over, but as we were boarding the bus to continue, they had a security check before boarding.  Yeah, my thought also, “For a bus trip?”  The wouldn’t even allow pocket knives (Swiss Army), or a Leatherman toolkit.  After finding out that if I surrendered my possessions to security, they would never be returned to me, and it was difficult trying to get them put in belly of the bus, the bus driver kindly took them and told me to ask for them when got off.  When I reached my destination, the driver kindly returned my items, then I pulled out my wallet and showed him my martial arts ID card complete with my picture, belt rank, style and a stamp indicating “Instructor” and told him that I was much more of a weapon than a Swiss Army knife or Leatherman toolkit.  His eyes became huge.  So, what is a weapon?

In closing, yes, I have another video from George Carlin – it’s his typical style, rated PG17 for adult language.  Here he uses the example of airport security and how we really don’t need it and why we don’t.  We want conformity and security, but neither help societies to grow…

I hope the rest of your day is wonderful, and questioning life as it is.

All the best, always!