Unless We Become Children Once Again

Today, I just want to keep it simple – I’m not one that likes to become “wordy” when a thought can be expressed well in a simple and easy manner and todays thought is just that, simple and easy.

Today’s thought is one that is expressed in many cultures and religions, with slight variations in wording.  I expressed this thought in a previous blog entry, how one young man noticed how his child was playing with a child from another race without prejudices and how that made him rethink how he was raised… what he accepted as reality and it made him change, from the inside out.

The thought within this picture reaches far beyond just race….

… it reaches into everything that you’ve been taught, everything you accept as, “this is as it should be.”  Unless you’re willing to rethink and change your life, all will continue as is… the hatred and intolerance of others… even yourself, it will all continue…. but hey!  If you like to live that way, I guess the status quo is just fine with you… right?