Reasons to be Fed Up – Arrogance



Ok, I probably think too much, or have too much free time, either way, my thoughts do venture to the unusual from time-to-time.  For instance:  while contemplating life and life in our “universe” and the similarities in life, I wandered into the thought of how our lives could be reckoned to the life of insects.

As human beings, we think that we’re far superior to everything else this planet is host too.  But far too often, we just forget our place in the grand scheme of things.  We even forget the old expression, “With great abilities comes great responsibilities.”  We have gone from caretakers of the earth to its destroyer, hence, our own murderers.

But let me return to a previous thought – how are we like insects?  In our arrogance, we see ourselves as huge – sometimes, larger-than-life beings that can see, study and reason life and all there is as if all this has made us virtually immortal.  If we look at ourselves as little insects on a planet, in a galaxy, which is in a universe, which is….

In the grand plan of life in our universe, our lifespan is very short (thank goodness).  We’ve ruined all that was good, then complain about how bad it is.  Then we go about either justifying our actions, or trying to correct them.  Our focus is always on things… rather than changing the cause of the problems, we want to change the “things”.  We cause the problems, but we’d rather focus on the problem, not its source.

Well, once again, George Carlin has something to say about this as well.  This video should be rated PG17 (some adult language).