Reasons to be Fed Up – Anti-intellectualism

Do any of you have an interest in history… just a little?  Yes?  If you do, have you noticed how many countries have anywhere from a passive form of anti-intellectualism to a very active and cruel form?  Most of us that have noticed the active form have seen it played out in such places as the Chilean revolution of 1973; the Cuban revolution; the Argentine revolution of 2001… and the list goes on, almost endlessly.

Why do you suppose governments, legitimate or otherwise, go about eliminating their intellectuals?  The very people you’d think they’d want to have running their governments are the ones they seek to eliminate.  This kinda makes me question the wisdom of those who insisted that I become a wise (or other descriptive words used) person so as to be valuable to society.

To be wise… to be an intellectual is truly a wonderful thing in an openly honest society, but when you live in a society that has another agenda, and that agenda is different from that of its constituents, it is necessary to get rid of those that can and will see through the rhetoric.  The intellectual will eventually see your words and intentions as they really are and call-you-out.

Governments that have something to hide will seek to silence the intellectuals.  I’d dare say that in our current place in history, most governments would most likely choose to silence an intellectual in a very covert manner, but there remains a few governments that haven’t developed the suave and sophisticated style of other nations, so there are still some intellectuals that meet with an early death.

In nations where millions of people live and only a few hundred or a very few thousand at most have control… the majority allow the minority to rule, kill and enslave them.  Yet, if you ask each parent, what do you want for your children – I’d bet the answer would be, “I want a better life for my children.”

Words are cheap.

It’s easier to point a blaming finger at someone, all the time yelling, “He did it!  It’s his fault!”  But that solves nothing.  When you have the ability to bring change, but do no more than point your finger and blame – you deserve what you end up with….

… the same old crap.

…but you’re smart, aren’t you?


This is an interview with George Carlin – suitable for general audiences:

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