Reasons to be Fed Up – p. 2

We are a worldwide society that loves war.  Speaking in generalities, we thrive on war.  “Who are we fighting this week?” “How many have we killed today?”  And our news complies to our questions everyday – television news, print media news, radio news and internet news – all so ready, willing an oh-so able to feed us our daily… no, hourly dose of death, destruction and mayhem from around the world.

When that isn’t enough, we have video games built around wars, fighting someone – all complete with blood and gore splattering all over in virtual reality.  Has anyone wondered

When WE learn to, and DO extend love to everyone as we’d like to have it shown to us, that is when war will end.

why we have become so desensitized to death and pain?  Action movies, television shows and even certain songs – all glorifying violence.

In the 1980’s and 90’s, there were movies that depicted kids playing video games of war so well that governments and even aliens recruited those kids to fight for them.  Back then it seemed absurd and to be a funny line to tease someone about.  Now days, I think this – to some degree – has become reality.  Have you ever heard of “Predator Drones“?  How much do you know about them?  If you’re like many, you don’t know much about them, so here is a short, 2 minute video from PBS (the U.S.’s non-commercial TV channels) telling us a little about how war is becoming  more “remote control” instead of face-to-face battles – the business end of war is now sure to lose.  This video is on YouTube and it’s titled, “War by Day; Home for Dinner“.  I suggest you watch this and ‘read between the lines.’

Next, the following video is from the late George Carlin.  For me and for many others, he was a consummate observer of humanity, it’s conditions and it’s expressions (verbal and non-verbal).  He had the ability to make those who listened – really listened, think of what we accept as “normal” and see it in a different light.  I challenge you to watch this video, listen to what he had to say and compare it to the PBS video above.  Please listen to everything he stated in this video, then ask yourself how much is truth and how much is comedy?

All the best for your future… and your children’s… and their children…

(This video contains adult/offensive language – to some. If you’re offended by four letter words that don’t include, “love, hate…”, this may not be a video for you)

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