91 Days and Counting



In just a tad over three months, we’ll experience the 21st day of December, 2012 – a day that is frightening a lot of people.  Fear that is ranging from thoughts of, “the end of the world”, “the end of the world as we know it”, and thoughts of Planet X/Nibiru coming, and to the more obscure – an alien invasion.  Here is my problem with all of this – it’s all based on –


What do people do when they’re afraid?  They over-react.  They buy and store guns, ammunition, an inordinate supply of food and so on.  How does anyone bring anything good out of fear of the unknown?  People are afraid of losing their possessions, but show in very obvious ways, they have no value for their inner-self.  There is no inner peace – and from what I see, most of these people have no idea what inner-peace is, or means.  Some that I have asked have responded with religious based answers.  In my lifetime, I’ve experienced a lot:  I’ve seen those that have professed strong religious beliefs when calm, but when shaken, they, in comparison, become incontinent babies.  Belief in a “book” is not the same as a relationship with your Creator – and/or knowing yourself.

I’ve seen and still see people who think that their Creator/G-d/Savior… is their genie in a bottle.  I often hear many say, “G-d will provide”, and “G-d will give me what I want,” “He will provide.”  In short, as long as their G-d (or gods) provide, they’re all good with that/those Being(s).  When they don’t get what they want, they resort to, “G-d has forsaken me.” For me, these people are spoiled brats!  Those of us that have participated in sports, been in the military, done more than go to school, college, university – usually on daddy’s and mommy’s dime, then straight into a “sweet” job/career know that to grow, you need to fail at somethings… you need to fall so you learn how to get up.  If you don’t fail at something, you don’t learn how to be self-sufficient, or even who and how to ask for help.

So, here are a few questions for you:  What are you focusing on?  Are you fearful of the unknown?  Are you fearful of the future and what it MAY bring?  If yes, why?

The photo to the right is your answer, but so many people don’t understand simple answers, so let me attempt to help a bit:  How you create a relationship with your G-d/gods is to constantly think and talk with Him/them – your thoughts become prayers: you come to know, understand and accept reality instead of delusions of grandeur… your present life and your future become calm, and fear leaves.  Answers come through your intuition that you learn to trust and you start learning more from those times you fall and get back up.

The best things in life are the simple things… and fear is complicated.