Observations and Adaptations

The advantages and disadvantages of being a blogger are:

  1. Those of us that feel the need to write about something that is passionate to and for us, blogging provides us with that “avenue” of expression.  For me, I have a passion to help people think – to think their way out of societies stranglehold of telling us what to think, not how; what is “socially acceptable”, consequently, what isn’t; and the list goes on an on:
  2. Blogging also allows us contributors to become, or to practice our psychology – what attracts readers and what doesn’t.  I’ve never set out to earn money from blogging, just to touch the hearts and souls of those that are searching for something that will make their life better – someone who is sharing his or her experiences and/or observations that will in turn, help others to think differently and grow in thoughts and actions.

With respect to #2, I’ve found that readers to this blog like sensationalism.  I’ll say that is no real fault of the readers alone, this is something that is taught us from those that “run” society.  In our daily news, whether it’s TV, radio or print media, we’re given the equivalent of a headline – something that grabs our attention like a hook with a worm on it and we follow the sensational news that really has no real value to our lives, but that itsy-bitsy by-line article on page twelve – the one that comes at the end of your news broadcast… that story that has more impact on your life – you pay no attention to it.

Well, starting today and lasting for as long as there is interest, this blog will be presenting two posts per day, Monday through Friday.  The first post will be one that is the by-line article on page twelve that you’d probably miss because it’s not written “sensationally”, it’s intended to be beneficial for your life now and in the future:  the second, twelve hours later will still have the intent of being beneficial, but perhaps with more sensationalism, similar to my blog entry, “I’m Just ******* Fed Up!!!” which got over 530 “hits” in its first day, and is still getting hits.  At this moment, I’m not sure if I’ll stay with the following title, but it seems likely that I will since it’s planned to be an ongoing series of things that piss me (and others) off.  The title?  “The Reason I’m Fed Up – part…”

I hope you will like what’s to come!