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Two weeks ago I posted twice – today, I’m doing the same, but for slightly different reasons.  Yes, I published a post of my own as usual, then I posted one for my friend Heidi.  As I stated in my first post back then, and once again since then, I’m apolitical – meaning, I’m by NO means a political expert, nor do I know a lot about politics, but in some cases, I’m beginning to wonder how much others that are politically active know:  however, what Heidi wrote has been constantly on my mind, so I’m going to come to terms with my own decisions and explain them to you in the process.

The first Presidential election I remember was between Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy.  My mother was a republican at the time, similarly to Heidi’s, but not as active in the “party.”  I remember this because I went with my mother the day she voted and I asked her who she voted for.  She told me that she had always voted republican, but this time, she voted for Kennedy because of what he stood for.  This alone was what endeared me to J.F.K.  I watched his very short career as our President and even as the child that I was, I saw a man who led a country with love and respect for all,  doing what he believed was right for all, through his own intuition.  Wait a moment… I did say that he led his country;  he was not the king, so he led his country, not ordered it.  J.F.K. was a strong individual who stood by his own beliefs, which at the time were suspect by many.  Many in the late ’50’s were concerned that the Catholic Church would have too much control if an Irish-Catholic was elected to the office of the President.  J.F.K. proved that this wasn’t his purpose.  After the his assassination, I haven’t seen but two Presidential candidates that I consider to be worth my time to consider… and one of them is still fighting with his party.

While I’m on the subject of “leadership”, let’s explore something that should be of concern to everyone in the U.S. right now:

Powers of the President
+ Serve as commander-in-chief of all U.S. armed forces
+ Commission officers of the armed forces
+ Grant pardons and reprieves from Federal offenses (except impeachments)
+ Convene special sessions of Congress
+ Receive foreign ambassadors
+ Take care that Federal laws are faithfully executed
+ Wield the “executive power”
+ Appoint officials to lesser offices

Powers of the President Shared With the Senate
+ Make treaties
+ Appoint ambassadors, judges, and higher officials

Powers of the President Shared With Congress as a Whole
+ Approve legislation

This is the summary list.  For more detailed information, click on the links below.

Why am I bringing this up?  It seems that everyone is blaming the incumbent for everything under the sun… probably even for the incessant sun flares/CME’s that we’ve been having.  This constant badgering and the accusations that go along with all of this just goes to show how stupid Americans are concerning how their own government works.  To reference myself from last weeks post, “Do you think you elect a dictator every four years?”  Do you really know how your government works?  How many branches of government are there?  How many branches does the president command/control?  Who has real control over the U.S.?  It’s SO easy to find a scapegoat and place all the blame on one person, it’s not so easy to read, study and know what you have right in front of you.  If you don’t know what you’re fighting for, or fighting against, you’re doomed to lose your fight – verbally or otherwise.  Why?  Because you end up fighting yourself.  As the old expression goes, “I’d love to have a battle of wits with you, but first you need to get some ammunition!”

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I’ve grown up with an expression that most of us know, “You’re only voting for the best of worst.”  Honestly people, why is it that in a Miss America contest, there are fifty contestants – the best from each State – all trying to become Miss America via their own merits, but when we vote for a President, we only get a handful of people trying to get approval from another bunch of politicians to run for their party platform?  And what’s with only a two-party system?  Can’t we accept other parties?  How about individuals instead of parties?  With today’s technology, why do we still have an electoral college?  If your vote really counts, why does the electoral college exist?  Maybe it’s just my ignorance coming forward…

I’d really love to see the people of a nation – any nation, but in this case, since the U.S. is by our current system* considered to be my home, I’d love to see the voting public ‘wise-up’ and review each persons “legal abilities” and if you want, “legal responsibilities” within the U.S. Constitution instead of blaming anyone else for your own ignorance.  But hey, if you want to take the easy way out, go ahead, blame the incumbent and anyone else that hits your fancy and see how much changes.

So, why am I apolitical?  The choices most people make are the emotional ones, which amounts to thoes that know – those with armament – being challenged by those with only knives and baseball bats.  A lot of emotion, but no way to win a battle, let alone a war.  And as most of us know, those that make emotional decisions usually can not be persuaded to see facts, even if you make it so they have to touch it, or go around it to continue on their way.  The other thing is:  it’s always a constant battle of “them and us”.  There never seems to be any unity in government – before an election, during or even after it.  This is a system that perpetuates division, not unity – kinda odd since the name of the country is, the United States….  I have no desire to give my energy to a system that perpetuates division.  These are my top-two reasons, and sufficient enough for now.

There is an expression I came across recently that I’m going to leave you with – I hope you understand and act upon it:

“To be responsible is to be free.  To give your responsibility to someone else is to be a prisoner.”

Weird coming from an apolitical person?  Nahhhh…. I accept responsibility for my decisions, do you? (read the related article below, “Apolitical Activism”)

Have a wonderful week!

* current system:  All of us were born on a planet that has man-made borders.  I subscribe to the idea that I am a citizen of the whole planet, not just within national borders.