Cleaning Out the Old, Preparing for the New


For those of you that follow this blog at least fairly regularly, you know that recently I suffered through a chest cold for a little over a week.  When we’re ill, we end up with a lot of time to think, or just sit or lay idly while recuperating.  Well, during my ‘down-time’, I decided to change my usual approach to life and societies ill’s and take a more pro-active stance.  There are too many lie’s told by those that earn a living by “spinning” the myriad of lies we face daily – an endless job which really doesn’t benefit anyone by looking at the negatives of life.
Instead, after this week, or even starting this week, I hope to present things that will help all of us to see life differently and in turn, help all of us to “Clean out the old and prepare for the new that’s coming.”

One of the reasons for this “change” is that I’m seeing a lot of people I know, as well as those I don’t know, talking about how each feels a change is coming… noticing how others around them are changing – usually for the worse.  I hope that my experiences and suggestions will benefit all that come here.  I don’t profess to have all the answers, but I’m willing to help and discuss what I know… even find answers when I don’t know.  None of us are in this world alone, so let’s join together and help each other – without egos.