The Four Year American Dictator – So Some Say…

I really don’t intend to be insulting, but is the American public stupid?

In a previous blog, I did mention that there are more choices available for the office of U.S. President than Democrat and Republican – which is in some ways of looking at this the difference between voting for “Dumb” and “Dummer”.

What has me upset today is how the American voting public treats the incumbent.  Mind you, I’m apolitical (the short definition – I don’t care about politics), so I’m not backing any horse in this race – or any other, but back to the subject;  if I may ask, does America REALLY think that they elect a “dictator” to office for four years?

Stupid question on my part huh?  I don’t think so.  Take a look at the Presidential powers under the U.S. Constitution and tell me how much President Obama can do on his own?  Has everyone forgotten that Congress and the Senate are the ones that run the country?  It is them that have stopped the incumbent from fulfilling his dream, his intentions from his first run for the office.  Don’t you, the voting American remember the budget freeze that cost the U.S. its great credit rating, and who caused the problems?  People… PLEASE!

Here is my take on your choices between President Obama and Mitt Romney:  Staying with President Obama means that if Congress remains as stubborn as they have for the past 3.5 years, you know the game plan – a group of guys that are hell-bent on screwing not only the President, but you and me as well:  Remember Pres. G.W. Bush (Jr.)?  I told friends of mine that he shouldn’t be president.  Why?  Does anyone remember his work record in private industry?  He bankrupted two… yes, two corporations before he entered into politics.  How did he lead the U.S. when he got in office?  All that Pres. Bill Clinton built up in his eight years… gone.  What did Mitt Romney do in the private sector?  Do I need to spell it out for you?

If the past is any indicator of what the future MAY be…

Choose wisely everyone (who still can vote).


4 thoughts on “The Four Year American Dictator – So Some Say…

  1. this may be the most poorly written indictment of American politics that I have read. not only does it leave out the main point of what I assume it’s arguing, but it uses that omission to try to excite the reader. Most republicans see many shortcomings in Bush jr.’s presidency (Bush 1 was George H.W. Bush). Mitt Romney’s record with Bain Capital is significantly better than the national news lets on though. His division bought up businesses that were already failing and reorganized their corporate structure to try to make them succeed. Though they were not 100% successful they had a record around 75%. The recent Obama attacks have been against Romney’s lack of foreign policy experience. Mitt Romney’s business and gubernatorial experience qualify him far better than Obama’s brief corporate and community organizer career ever did. I do realize that Obama champions the Rawlsian principle that justice is fairness, but his 5 trillion dollar, 4 year stint in office has very clearly shown, at least to me, that throwing money at problems is no solution, and a more rational solution is needed.


    1. Steven 🙂

      Aside from what seems to be a gentle attack on me (it’s ok if it is), I’m not a political satirist and as I stated in the the post, I’m apolitical. You on the other-hand seem to be Republican and almost hell-bent on getting President Obama out of office – FINE! That’s your choice!
      My point was and still is:
      1. If congress continues to “cock-block” President Obama, yes! We’ll have more of the same. Political satirist have been talking about this fact long before I commented on it here:
      2. If the only choices the American public see’s are Democrat and Republican, just like they only see Blacks and Whites as the only racial issues in a country called the “Melting-pot of the world”, then all the other candidates as well as all the other races in the U.S. basically do not exist:
      3. Lastly – you just verified the title of my post with this line, “…but his 5 trillion dollar, 4 year stint in office has very clearly shown, at least to me, that throwing money at problems is no solution, and a more rational solution is needed.”
      So, if President Obama IS running the country, not Congress and the Senate, then he is guilty. But if he is exercising only the powers given him via the U.S. Constitution, he is NOT the real ‘fall-guy.’


  2. O Steven are you really one of the “Kool -Aid drinknig sheepole of a lemming’s” that is going to come in here and twist what was said in an attempt to defend Mitt Romany or Justify what George Bush did and place the blame at the President’s feet cause you are to busy turning a blind eye to what is really going on ?
    1st off Let’s look at Mitt’s Record at Bain Capitol shall we, Frist off are we talking the Pre Olympic record or the post Olympic record? No matter we can happily look at both. Mitt’s Job creation claim has long been refuted, he claims 100,000 job created while he was at Bain but when you look into it thoose happend after he left Bain in 1999 for the winter Olypmics. If you are going to discount the bad things that hapeend after he left in 1999 assuming he did will cover that in a few, then he also likewise does not get credit for the good that happend after he left. In 1997 with Romney as the CE at Bain they put between 50 million and 100 million in a regional tv staion that they later turned in to a treefold return for investors, that is an example of a good roll of the dice , but then you have to look at GS Industries Bain aquried then with a 24 .5 million investment and made 900,000 in the inital annual fees and 100 % profit while the company was drowning in debt of note here Bain under Romney is makeing a 100% profit off a comany that is now laying off 2,000 people and fileing for bankruptcy by 2001.Now is the time to look and beg the question of when Mitt really left Bain was it in 1999 as he would have you believe or was it in 2002 as the SEC filings say hmmmmm I see a big problem here because either he left in 1999 or he took a sabitical to run the Olympics and went back either way there is something less then telling the truth here.
    As to your Foreign Policy asseration where are you getting your news from? He goes to London and pisses off our closest ally by saying thay are not ready for the Olympics? Claims Russia is our #1 enemy and then there was Tue. night into his speach yesterday as he contuined to throw gasoline on a raging fire you call that better Foreign Policy? Let’s alos not forget that according to Mitt the Palistians are a leeser class of people and that is why they have so much poverty. Mitt has not clue how to act or behave in a Presidental manor. You can not like what President Obama has done you can dissagree with his policy that is your right but do not for one sec presume to come in here and try to give us an education on what the President can and can’t do we know better. Mitch McConnell made clear that either Obama went the way the Republicans wanted or they would make him a one term president. now lets look at the facts on this, Scince the Republican took over congress on the claim they wanted to create Jobs which has yet to happen btw , They have introduced 44 bills on abortion ,99 on religon ,107 on Family relationships and marriage 552 on taxation and 445 on Goverment Investagation ( love this one from the party of less goverment ) none of thoose have a dam thing to do with Jobs.The Republican have voted no less then 33 times to overturn healthcare but not votedonce on the Jobs bill they have. They are the ones that cost us our credit rating not the President they are the ones that tabled the Defence cuts they are all crying about now and trying to get out of not the President. They are alos the Party to coin the terms of “Forcable Rape” (Paul Ryan )and “Legitimate Rape”( congressman Akin ) if theese are the people you want so be it. I choose Obama so that my country can continue to heal the hatered we provoked and show that WE do have the Class and Diginty we once had.


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