Batman and Superman


Here are two ageless comic book and movie heroes that have even been pitted against each other.  Both of them are “Caped Crusaders”, searching for crime wherever it may be and putting a stop to it – within the law, which is why they have nemesis’ – even the jails in comic books have revolving doors.  However, their similarities end there.

Superman wore a “costume” to blend in as a “normal” human being – he hid his true identity so as to walk in the presence of the average man and wore his native clothing to fight crime.  Superman didn’t come to earth to fight crime; it was just a “logical” fit for one of his abilities – either that or a carnival side-show act.

Batman wore a costume to hide his real identity.  He’s a normal human being that learned how to fight, what tools were the most needed for his “tool belt”, his Batmobile, jet, helicopter and who knows what else…   He has to work to keep his millions (billions?) coming in so he can continue to fight crime.  Unlike Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne feels compelled to fight crime because he initially sought revenge for the death of his parents.  Unlike Superman who can fly off to another planet and start life anew, Bruce Wayne is stuck on planet earth.

Take a step back…

If you grew up like most (not all)  of us, you’ve grown up with some sort of teaching that tells us that we are Spirit embedded in a physical being – Genesis 2.  The unfortunate part of learning this is, this is all anyone has normally taught us – so many of us are muttering around in the dark wondering, “what the heck is going on?  I know there’s more, but what?… HELP!!!

The stress and strain that you feel is your “inner self” – that immortal part of you that’s been crying out for…. who knows how long, “let me out and let US be one!”  If you’re like me and a few other friends I have – you also find yourself crying out in your silence,“I want to – I NEED TO go home… this is NOT my home” then you know that you’re Superman/Superwoman… not Batman or Catwoman, nor Robin:  you’re hiding your true identity in a world of humans that don’t know who and what they are, but if you show the world who you really are… unless you can fly away…. have you seen the series “Heroes“?

Who and what you are most likely aren’t as awe-inspiring as Superman or Thor, but when you know you have abilities to do something that others don’t understand – because you’ve tried showing and explaining to others what comes naturally to you, only to be shunned (put mildly), you know that you came here for a reason.  What that is, that’s the difficult part, and the answer may not come quickly, but come it will.  Trust in yourself and our Source, there is a purpose in all that is, even for the Batmen and Catwomen that want a different life.

If you are “Supermen and Superwomen”, be comfortable with who and what you are, even while you hide your true identity till the real you is needed.  Become comfortable with your abilities so when they’re needed, they’ll be at least second nature.

Dedicated to Jose P. and to all those who know who they are, but have been afraid to speak up.



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