People _______ Change

Writers get their inspiration from some of the strangest places.

Yesterday I wanted to see the first and last episodes of a series I recently finished mainly because we (and I’m not an exception in this) tend to focus and remember all the details of a story that falls between the first and last chapters, but more often than not, we forget what started our journey and how it ends.

The series I speak of is one that ran on NBC TV in the U.S. called, “Heroes“.  Ironically, it reminded me a lot of the comic book series and to some degree, the movies titled, “X-Men“, in their own rights.  The recurring theme in both series is the desire for those that are “different” to “fit in”, and their struggles in the attempt to “fit in.”  As I learned about the X-Men in its comic book days, the author (as I heard it) created the X-Men with the effort to get the reading public to see how much alike all races and cultures are, not to focus on our differences.  Whether this is true or not, I consider that to be an excellent effort to unite humanity, without fear of the unknown.
There is another expression that I’ve read and heard in both series, “Things/times change.”  That line is usually followed with, “Yes, times change, but People Don’t Change.”  With this in mind, today I have more questions than I have answers or suggestions.

For those of us that hope and fight for a peaceful and loving change, are we fighting a losing battle?  We (and those like us) have been present at every war, trying to avert wanton murder, often times yelling and screaming at the top of our lungs, “THIS IS UNJUST!!!  IT IS NOT NECESSARY!!!”  While we have seldom totally averted total warfare, we have made our mark for love, peace and understanding throughout history.  Why do we have to continue fighting the just fight?  Over the eons of human existence on this planet that we rent from whom wish us to believe that our existence is due to them, haven’t we learned to love? to understand each other? to accept each other as we are? to seek and work for peace?  to learn humility and the power that is within humility?

The simplest question is, why?  Why over countless-thousands of years do we repeat the same stupid s(tuff), over and over and over again?  As I stated in an earlier post, we have advanced technologically, and fallen off the horse of humanity and morals.

For me – at this moment, it seems that we find ourselves in an endless loop, repeating the same stupid s(tuff) day-in, day-out.  We still hate and fear; we still choose emotions over knowledge, wisdom and intuition.

The reason the title of this blog has a space between “People” and “Change” is because it’s an interactive title – you get to fill in the blank with “Do”, “Don’t”, or whatever you feel is correct or possible.  As I look through history, my choice is, “Don’t”, but what do I know? I’m just another human renting from someone who said that I owe him something.

One last thought; IF we have to continue life until we “get it right”, will we ever learn, or are we doomed to live in a time loop with different ‘things’ but the same old circumstances?


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