When Humanity is Inhumane – How We Screw Ourselves

Have you ever wondered how we got to where we are as a society?  What have our ancestors done to bring us to where we are now?  What are we doing to perpetuate our current conditions?  Our questions should be, what are we doing to change the downward spiral we’re in?  On a personal basis, if we change ourselves, we can help change a lot of the world around us.

Most of us should know some of our history to know that we are continuing the downward spiral through our consistent hatred of those “not like us,” because their skin color is not like ours; their religion is not ours; their culture is not like ours; their ethnic origin is not the same as ours; their lifestyle is not like ours; their economic status is not the same as ours… good grief, how long is this list?

Let’s take a quick look at how the “explorers” of centuries gone-by have treated those they “discovered”.  In short, the “explorers” discovered lands that were already occupied by another civilization (those people or nations that have reached such a state), usually the inhabitants accepted the “new comers” and some even attempted to help the new comers adapt to their way of life – why not?  It was working well for them – and become a part of their culture and way of life.  Instead, the new comers, a.k.a. conquerors were not interested in adapting, but plundering the goods of the land, and forcing the original inhabitants to conform to their way of life.  Civilizations that did not have jails, taxes, polluted air, land and water; many even had a more advanced civilization than the “new comers” (Maya’s, Aztec’s, Inca’s, etc.).  Yet, our European ancestors preferred to destroy what they didn’t know and couldn’t accept in an effort to “civilize” the civilized.  Now, those indigenous peoples live in squalor compared to their ancestors.  We’ve lost our humanity to the value of – things and money/wealth.  The corporations that have made themselves “people”, not businesses, have sought to privatize everything that is of real value to us – they’ve tried to privatize water in Bolivia; they want to impose a “carbon tax” because of “global warming”, even though we see that it’s not just global warming, it’s our whole solar system; they’re changing the food that we eat (GMO‘s); the land that we were born to inhabit and care for now seems to be the property of governments or corporations (taxes); some plants that grow freely and liberally all around the world are considered illegal – why? because they have natural healing properties (G-d forbid natural plants should cut into corporate profits).  And we constantly want to return to a time where we can start over with this kind of “civilization?”  

Consider what we’ve done to the indigenous people of the U.S.  As most of us have learned, these people welcomed the “new comers” to their lands and showed them how to live on it:  how to grow foods they knew little or nothing about; how to hunt to sustain life, not for sport; how to care for the land and each other.  How were they repaid?  In the long run – with near genocide, and the remainder put on reservations.

How about those who migrated to the U.S. to better their lives?  Many of them had been here for generations, but because they were, at the time, unfortunate enough to be Japanese, Italian or German, during WWII, they were put into “internment camps” because of the fear the government had that there may be sympathizers or spies among them.

Now days, with all the scuttlebutt concerning FEMA camps being built and manned for U.S. citizens, along with NDAA and the like, whether it’s true, rumors or conspiracy theory, all of this reminds me of the movie, “the Siege“.  An old friend used to ask me why I looked for meanings in movies, “they’re only for entertainment” was her reasoning.  I tried explaining that there are many movies that try to tell the public about what is going on, may happen, etc., with justification – this was one.  Unfortunately it seems, most movie goers seem to think such movies are for entertainment only.  If you remember the days and months after September 11th, 2001, there was concern that the government was going to “round-up” all of the countries Muslim’s.

Let me ask again:  Why do we give up our sovereignty (rightful status, independence, or prerogative) to others?  Why do we allow ourselves to become slaves to someone else and think/believe that it’s ok to pay them to essentially screw up our lives, but give us the false belief that we need them for our essentials of food, water, home, security, etc.?  You wonder why I’m fed up?

People, we don’t need to return to a “yesterday” that would perpetuate another start of the same kind of “civilization” that got us to where we are.  We need to return to a time when all of the above never was, where we live on this plant that we know is our home, to take care of it with the knowing that as long as we take care if it, it will take care of us; to literally love and care for each other because we know hatred and violence will inevitably kill us all.

Better you life, please!


2 thoughts on “When Humanity is Inhumane – How We Screw Ourselves

  1. I am always intrigued, or confounded I should say, by the fact that we as a culture have this huge amount of empathy and emotion over the holocaust, but none over the mass murder and extinction of the indigenous peoples who lived here before us. Don’t get me wrong, the holocaust was terrible and deserves a great deal of empathic emotional response, but what we did to Native Americans was just as inhumane, just as genocidal. But in ways what we did to Natives was worse: one of the huge differences is that we succeeded in killing off, dispossessing and completely ruining them as an entire culture. Their culture is no longer able to flourish at all while Jewish culture and traditions are quite alive today.

    Of course the reason for this is obvious: in WW2 we were heroes who saved the victims, but with Natives we were the perpetrators who succeeded in stealing their land. Of course we are going to downplay what we did to them and pretend it isn’t worth our time and attention, because if we did give it any kind of credence we might actually have to do something to make it up to them… like perhaps give them back some of their land.

    But it’s still a terrible atrocity to me, and a terrible reminder that I am living on stolen land, and a member of a hellish cancer culture intent on destroying the natural world and the living ecosystems (and the community members, including humans, who knew how to exist in harmony with them) that sadly we will not be able to survive without. And it’s all for money. This mark of hierarchical power, status, and ‘achievement’. It’s all done to feel better than other people, and to own large and expensive amounts of crap.


    1. Tiffiny:

      That is most likely the most honest, thoughtful and touching responses to the atrocities of mankind I’ve read in a long time… if not ever!

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us!

      All the best!


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