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Going along with today’s earlier post, let’s summarize some of the “Reasons to be Fed Up“.

  • Society is NOT just going down the tube, it’s approaching bottom;
  • A great majority of people as still seeking to be conformist, and want you and me to be conformist also;
  • People fear the present, the future, what they know, what the don’t (and most don’t know the difference), and they fear themselves (one of the major reasons for their conformity);
  • All of us need to understand that we need to change ourselves… stop thinking that we’re already the best example for mankind.  If you think like that, you definitely need to change – that’s ego based, which only serves you, and not that well either;
  • Stop judging others – setting yourself as a judge over others (actions, lifestyle, their choices, etc.) is again, ego based;
  • Life is changing, whether you believe it or not.

The following video is a great reminder… yes, from George Carlin… a great observer of humanity with the ability to see the humorous side of it as well.  This video I’d rate as “G” – acceptable for all audiences.

As always, have a wonderful weekend… and question everything!


Let’s Summarize

First of all…

It’s Friday!

And since it is, let’s just summarize what you’ve been reading  recently:  One expression comes to mind, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”  Well, we know it’s “broke”, so what will you do?  Here’s a suggestion:

Yep, that’s it!  I told you this is a summary!  Now, go have a great weekend and start, or continue thinking about how you’ll change your future from your current path, thus changing your world.  Let’s hope that your example will help others to better themselves as well.

One more post to go, but whether you read that one or not, do have a great weekend! 🙂

Reasons to be Fed Up – Security



Tell me, do you really feel more secure in your everyday life with all the security measures that have been instituted around the world over the past twenty years?  Really, do you?

Do you realize that in almost every major city around the world there are cameras on buildings monitoring the public streets?  Not just the traffic flow, but these cameras have facial recognition software in them as well.  Yeah, yeah, I know, “I have nothing to hide, so what’s the problem?”  The more you accept now, the more you’ll accept later.

Example:  In the 1960’s when I started flying, even on international flights, all you really needed was a ticket and some form of State ID and you were good to go!  In the late 1990’s, before “9/|11”, the TSA was formed and started and all they did was walk you through a full-body metal detector, and if necessary, a hand-held scanner, then rifle through your carry-on baggage; annoying? Yes, but we got used to it.  Post “9/11”:  If you fly these days, you know more about it more than I – remove your shoes, empty your pockets, turn on your cell phone and computer (“… so I’ll know that it’s actually what it appears to be”), walk through a full body scanner (being subjected to radiation), or be invasively pat-down (or felt-up as some say).  Have you gotten used to it yet?

Haven’t you ever heard the expression,

“Put a frog into a pot of boiling water and it will try to get out; put a frog in a pot of cool water and slowly turn up the heat, and you can cook it alive.”

It’s the same as an old joke about a man jumping out of a twenty-story building, “… he could be heard saying as he passed each floor, “so far, so good!””  How about, “it’s not the fall that kills you, it’s the sudden stop.”

As you slowly and surely give up your liberties just to feel secure, and when you realize that when it all started you said, “I have nothing to hide”, but when “they” come looking for you, you won’t remember when and how all this got started.  After WWI, the U.S. became a very pacifist country.  That generation saw the horrors of that war and vowed that they would NOT get involved in any other foreign war.  As Hitler came into power, the U.S. still wanted no part of international war – President F.D. Roosevelt knew this, so he had to let the destruction of Pearl Harbor happen so the nation would get motivated to participate.  Hatred motivates people more than love and tolerance.  I know, you don’t believe me on how “they” manipulate us, so watch this two-minute video:

I just thought I’d throw that in to let you know that it’s not speculation on my part.

Oh!  Before I forget… on security:  When I was in my teens and twenties, my friends, family and I would often cross the border into Canada for day ventures.  The one question that would always be asked was, “Do you have any weapons?”  My question (not to customs) was, what do they consider a weapon?  Jump to the year 2003 – I was traveling from Louisiana to Arizona by bus;  in New Mexico, we had a lay-over, but as we were boarding the bus to continue, they had a security check before boarding.  Yeah, my thought also, “For a bus trip?”  The wouldn’t even allow pocket knives (Swiss Army), or a Leatherman toolkit.  After finding out that if I surrendered my possessions to security, they would never be returned to me, and it was difficult trying to get them put in belly of the bus, the bus driver kindly took them and told me to ask for them when got off.  When I reached my destination, the driver kindly returned my items, then I pulled out my wallet and showed him my martial arts ID card complete with my picture, belt rank, style and a stamp indicating “Instructor” and told him that I was much more of a weapon than a Swiss Army knife or Leatherman toolkit.  His eyes became huge.  So, what is a weapon?

In closing, yes, I have another video from George Carlin – it’s his typical style, rated PG17 for adult language.  Here he uses the example of airport security and how we really don’t need it and why we don’t.  We want conformity and security, but neither help societies to grow…

I hope the rest of your day is wonderful, and questioning life as it is.

All the best, always!


Problems, Problems – Problems Everywhere



We can’t go anywhere these days without hearing about a problem concerning the economy, politics, wars, the downfall of society, civil unrest… the list is almost without end.  For every problem, there is at least one person that swears he or she has the answer.  The supposed answer us usually, “conform, don’t rock the boat”, or it usually sounds like an emotional solution that needs a logical response.  But what got us into the problems we’re having to deal with anyway?

Well, you’ve read here many times, because we (including our parents – or if you’re young enough, your grandparents) did nothing to stop the problem(s) when they started.  Why?  Because we/they trusted our leaders, no matter who they are/were.  The leaders we once had that lead and pushed us to take responsibility for our lives have all passed away.  Leaders such as John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, John Lennon, Malcolm X, and many others who told us to get up and be sure the government is working for us, not against us.

Now we live in a time where the individual is afraid to stand up and (peacefully) fight for what is right, not only for self, but for the whole of humanity.  If it’s not a group or mob effort, it doesn’t get done… does it?

Yesterday I read an article (click on photo for more information) about a man who has skydived from 71,500 ft. this past March, in preparation for a dive from 120,000 ft. in October (yes, next month).  This was also posted in facebook.  A lot of the comments that were made were your typically negative comments such as:

  • Such a waste of taxpayers money – this was and is a private venture paid by Red Bull;
  • Why does he want to do this?  Stay on earth and live long and safe;
  • “Whatever, he’s still a f___ing idiot…”
  • “is he a f___in nut ??”
  • “If he survives…what will it prove? He’s crazy???”
  • “how much money do you think is wasted on this dumb a__ stunt.what is wrong with people?”

The negative comments just go on and on.  There was one comment that said it all for me – and it wasn’t something I posted, “People, it’s called pushing the envelope! We owe everything to people who think outside the box. Thank you, adventurers, all! /salute”

For all those that want everyone to live and reason just as you do, just remember, conformist change nothing.  The people I mentioned above were not conformist.  History does not record, or make a favorable record of conformist.  I understand that most conformist are more interested in security rather than adventure.  An adventure for many conformist is a trip to Disneyland/Disneyworld; a vacation trip to the mountains, the beach, to a distant State; to another country and to stay in a safe and luxurious hotel.  But as I just said, conformist, just by the nature of the word – conform.

I’m not suggesting that we go skydiving from 20 some-odd miles above the earth – although it sounds like great fun, and probably the only way to feel like “Superman“, but (coming back to earth) standing up for something you know will benefit your community, or the whole of humanity can be an individual effort.  Many people blog just to have a platform, such as I’m doing, to help others to think through issues that plague us as individuals and as a society.

The one thing we all know, or should know is,

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”
Albert Einstein

We cannot solve any problem by just accepting it – by just conforming.  By accepting and conforming, we fall into another expression, “Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

Whether you decide to stand up for others, no matter how many, or you decide to change yourself, here is something that can help you with your effort to effect change:

“Einstein is quoted as having said that if he had one hour to save the world he would spend fifty-five minutes defining the problem and only five minutes finding the solution.”

“This quote does illustrate an important point: before jumping right into solving a problem, we should step back and invest time and effort to improve our understanding of it. Here are 10 strategies you can use to see problems from many different perspectives and master what is the most important step in problem solving: clearly defining the problem in the first place!”

This is an excerpt from the article found here:

Now!  Let’s go skydiving! 😉


Reasons to be Fed Up – Arrogance



Ok, I probably think too much, or have too much free time, either way, my thoughts do venture to the unusual from time-to-time.  For instance:  while contemplating life and life in our “universe” and the similarities in life, I wandered into the thought of how our lives could be reckoned to the life of insects.

As human beings, we think that we’re far superior to everything else this planet is host too.  But far too often, we just forget our place in the grand scheme of things.  We even forget the old expression, “With great abilities comes great responsibilities.”  We have gone from caretakers of the earth to its destroyer, hence, our own murderers.

But let me return to a previous thought – how are we like insects?  In our arrogance, we see ourselves as huge – sometimes, larger-than-life beings that can see, study and reason life and all there is as if all this has made us virtually immortal.  If we look at ourselves as little insects on a planet, in a galaxy, which is in a universe, which is….

In the grand plan of life in our universe, our lifespan is very short (thank goodness).  We’ve ruined all that was good, then complain about how bad it is.  Then we go about either justifying our actions, or trying to correct them.  Our focus is always on things… rather than changing the cause of the problems, we want to change the “things”.  We cause the problems, but we’d rather focus on the problem, not its source.

Well, once again, George Carlin has something to say about this as well.  This video should be rated PG17 (some adult language).


Unless We Become Children Once Again

Today, I just want to keep it simple – I’m not one that likes to become “wordy” when a thought can be expressed well in a simple and easy manner and todays thought is just that, simple and easy.

Today’s thought is one that is expressed in many cultures and religions, with slight variations in wording.  I expressed this thought in a previous blog entry, how one young man noticed how his child was playing with a child from another race without prejudices and how that made him rethink how he was raised… what he accepted as reality and it made him change, from the inside out.

The thought within this picture reaches far beyond just race….

… it reaches into everything that you’ve been taught, everything you accept as, “this is as it should be.”  Unless you’re willing to rethink and change your life, all will continue as is… the hatred and intolerance of others… even yourself, it will all continue…. but hey!  If you like to live that way, I guess the status quo is just fine with you… right?

Reasons to be Fed Up – Anti-intellectualism

Do any of you have an interest in history… just a little?  Yes?  If you do, have you noticed how many countries have anywhere from a passive form of anti-intellectualism to a very active and cruel form?  Most of us that have noticed the active form have seen it played out in such places as the Chilean revolution of 1973; the Cuban revolution; the Argentine revolution of 2001… and the list goes on, almost endlessly.

Why do you suppose governments, legitimate or otherwise, go about eliminating their intellectuals?  The very people you’d think they’d want to have running their governments are the ones they seek to eliminate.  This kinda makes me question the wisdom of those who insisted that I become a wise (or other descriptive words used) person so as to be valuable to society.

To be wise… to be an intellectual is truly a wonderful thing in an openly honest society, but when you live in a society that has another agenda, and that agenda is different from that of its constituents, it is necessary to get rid of those that can and will see through the rhetoric.  The intellectual will eventually see your words and intentions as they really are and call-you-out.

Governments that have something to hide will seek to silence the intellectuals.  I’d dare say that in our current place in history, most governments would most likely choose to silence an intellectual in a very covert manner, but there remains a few governments that haven’t developed the suave and sophisticated style of other nations, so there are still some intellectuals that meet with an early death.

In nations where millions of people live and only a few hundred or a very few thousand at most have control… the majority allow the minority to rule, kill and enslave them.  Yet, if you ask each parent, what do you want for your children – I’d bet the answer would be, “I want a better life for my children.”

Words are cheap.

It’s easier to point a blaming finger at someone, all the time yelling, “He did it!  It’s his fault!”  But that solves nothing.  When you have the ability to bring change, but do no more than point your finger and blame – you deserve what you end up with….

… the same old crap.

…but you’re smart, aren’t you?


This is an interview with George Carlin – suitable for general audiences:

The following video is typical George Carlin – “R” rated (adult) language: