I’m Just ********* Fed Up!



Here we are in 2012 – an era where we have technological advancements that would make even Albert Einstein marvel, but would vindicate George Orwell.  We’ve advanced the world around us, and forgotten what really makes us human – our connection with nature and each other.

We’ve become pompous idiots, telling each other that our way of life is better than others, as if each of us is the savior of this world.  Most religious people proselytize what they don’t live up too, or they assume to speak for their god(s), but if you read their scriptures, their god(s) isn’t/aren’t as mean and stubborn as those that profess obedience.  Many people I know have grown up in religious families, but are now atheist because of what I just wrote about, and or similar reasons.  People see what they want to see, not what is.

We see life as something that has little value, but our things have immense value.  We go to war against nations that have not attacked us, nor even threatened us.  We find ways to justify killing others at home and in other lands and say it’s ok.

We find ways to justify our beliefs, our actions and for the problems we don’t seem to be able to fix, “someone else will fix it for us”, then we wipe our hands as if to say, “it’s no longer my responsibility.”  We try to fix the world, but leave ourselves unchanged – but we are the problem!

There is an expression going around now, and we use it to point our fingers at everyone  but ourselves, “Wake up world!”  We pretend to be awake because we think we know something about one or a few things, but we have no idea of what the grand picture/scheme is… so everyone else is asleep except us.

Throughout the past several years, I’ve found from conversations with people of various backgrounds, most people don’t like to answer questions, especially questions that come from a different point of view, but still on the same subject.  We get comfortable with our points of view and become angry with those that won’t accept what is essentially our narrow understandings.

I’m also seeing those like myself that are retreating into our own world of comfort because it seems futile and irritating to be with the “know it all” mentality that is becoming so commonplace.

These observations are not new to mankind – I’ll share some more of this next week, but for now, I hope, and it’s my constant hope, my desire and the purpose of this blog to get you, the reader to rethink your views, what you accept as real, of what others tell you is right/correct – to challenge your knowledge against your intuition and come to that point in your life where you say to yourself, “This ISN’T right!  There IS a better way!”  Then change YOUR life accordingly – first for you, then help others to do the same.  I don’t mean go out and proselytize, just help those that you see wandering aimlessly, and those that are seeking to understand what is, not the propaganda.

Remember, we’re all connected.  Our DNA is the same as everything and every one of this planet.  When we have too much or too little of something (foods, water, bacteria, virus’s, etc.) is when we experience our imbalances.  Help restore our balance and see, better yet, experience what still is, but mostly forgotten – equilibrium.

Have a wonderful weekend.