Follow Your Heart, But Take Your Brain With You



Yesterday we covered the definitions for emotions/heart and intuition.  Let’s continue building on these ideas for a while.

For those of us that are history buffs, or even those that keep up with current world and/or local events, we can see that many wars whether on a grand scale or just in your local area, are wars of the heart.  The Trojan War was a war of the heart; the Viet Nam war was a war of the heart; the Iraq war was also, and if we’re duped into war with Iran, that will be another emotional war.  Imagine – if you can see it, committing a whole nation to war over emotions.  Not all wars were wars of emotions, some I’d say may have been legitimate, although at the moment I can’t think of one emotionless war, but let’s continue.

In my immediate recollection of wars, they’re almost always over something emotional.  In our distant past up to our current history, we “wise humans” have waged countless wars over our emotions.  Whether the gang war down the street, or on the other side of town; in another city of your nation, or even political wars – all of them have one basic emotion in common – care to guess what that is?… it’s greed!  In its most basic form, wars are struggles for what someone else has.  Don’t agree?  Read any secular history book; read any scriptural text that has a history of wars, then find the cause for the war(s).

Can you see now why it’s better to follow intuition rather than heart/emotions?

Every day in the news, whether local, U.S., or even world news, I read things that now seem surreal – it seems that every (civilized?) nation is gearing up for war – all civil wars, while their economies continue to fail.  I say that it’s surreal because this has been spoken about for so very long in mainstream media as well as alternative media sources, which if you add this to everything else in all the news fronts…. surreal!  The world is being manipulated into another senseless war or wars for the greed of the few that can financially afford them, yet we, we – the ones that actually sacrifice our lives, or at least our health, mental as well as physical, for the false sense of nationality that we’re sold, all while it’s being stripped away little-by-little everyday.  I’m now seeing bill-boards with signs asking police and military to remember their oaths to “uphold the constitution” and protect the (U.S.) nation against all enemies, foreign and domestic:  I fear that their oath is a long-faded memory with the reality of, “what do I do if I leave the police force, the military?  How will I earn an income to support my family?, or my current lifestyle?  An oath, a promise when weighed against the desire to live with an income?  Which do you think will win?  Fear is a very strong emotion that has been used for eons, and still is used to control people.

So, your choices are:

  • Follow your heart/emotions and be another victim of the non-rational, and leaving yourself to be the victim of those that know how to manipulate your emotions better than you:
  • Or follow your intuition – the rational side of life, which in turn means that you know that you have the obligation to question everything pertaining to your life.

Once you take ownership of your life, then you’ll realize the choices you made, whether consciously or by proxy – choosing to let someone else govern your life – have all been your choices and you will either reap the benefits of your decisions or pay the cost for making the wrong ones.  My way of thinking is; as long as I have the responsibility for my decisions, I may as well enjoy making those decisions.  Fear – another emotion – is not an option I like to entertain.

So, what will it be?  A life of emotions, including fear; or a life of intuition, listening to that soft voice that wants to guide you to your best?