The Future



Yesterday, we spoke about states of being and how to make the present what we want, so today, if you’re still practicing yesterdays lesson, let’s extend it out a bit.

As you master the “now“, start thinking about the future – not selfishly, but how to make a better world for you, your family, friends, our extended families in the whole world – yes, the whole world!  Remember, we’re all connected and we’ve seen enough disconnection from the imposed beliefs of “us and them“.  We’ve either partaken in, or witnessed wars waged just because some leader(s) has (have) made a distinction of “us and them“.  We see those (mostly undeclared) wars going on now almost everywhere in the world… right now!

As you learn to master the “now” and while doing so selflessly, you will find the world becomes a better place for all, little-by-little.  Will we change the world?  I doubt it, but I’m only human, like you.  What I do know?  We can change the world around us, through our examples, the way we live, act and react around others (remember my post from this past Friday?).  The change I speak of is not one attained by force, coercion, by insisting one adhere to the beliefs of another… no, by example and honest, yet kind words when asked.  Everyone, including you and I, will only change when we see the genuine need or desire to do so.

How do we make the future better, no matter what it brings?