I am



Let’s change our stride for a bit.  Let’s take a look at…

self for a while.

We love to look at others and even down deep, most people like to at least “compare” others to ourselves, or ourselves to others – usually in a way that favors… us.  So, TODAY! let’s not compare ourselves with anyone – let’s only look at ourselves:  what we are and how we… or how you got where you are.

By now, I hope you know that all actions are preceded by thought(s).  No action happens without being first a thought – no matter how quickly the thought/action happened, thought first, action later.

So let’s do a little exercise – relax, you don’t have to get out of your chair.  You can keep your butt in your chair… this is a mental, or a consciousness exercise – no physical activity needed.

First, be honest with yourself, after all, you should always be honest with yourself!  You have to live with yourself all of your life.  So here is the question:  Right now, are you where you want to be in your life?  Next: If not, why not?  Last question:  What is necessary to get what you want/need?

Let’s divert a little to an English class:

When I was an English teacher (and you wonder why my English is so bad?), there is something I taught (not unique to me) that’s called, “State of being“.  For example:

  • I am
  • He is
  • She is
  • It is
  • They are
  • We are

All of these are states of being, or statements of being, not to be confused with possibilities such as, I will, he may, she could, it would, they can’t, we shall.  A state of being expression says something definite:  I am here!  It is working!  What a state of being expression speaks about is now – not the past, not the future, NOW!

So, right now, what is your state of being?

What do you want, now?

Since the future has to start somehow, somewhere, what is your state of being now, and how will it affect your future?

Try something simple (this actually works for me):  If you’re not happy at this moment, but you want to be, tell yourself – and believe it – that you are happy… not, “I want to be happy”, but “I am happy!”  Repeat it if you want or need too… then feel the change in yourself!  You’re happy!!!

What else can you change in your life?… now.