It Starts Here

Often times we say that we want to leave a better world to our children and their children, but in recent years, many of us have been asking, “why not leave better children for the world?”  I find this to be true.  If we continue teaching and allowing others to teach our children their values, most likely the world will continue on the same path it’s currently on.  So where do these values come from?

First and foremost, the values our children learn should be coming from their parents – or whoever has taken the role of parent(s) for the children.  What are the values of the parent?  Is it to maintain the status quo?  Or are we as parents giving the children values that are good not only for themselves, but others as well?

If your children, or even you are in school now, what values are the schools teaching?  Without respect to either public, private, or parochial schools/universities, are these places of education teaching you, or your children values that will benefit them and the world as a whole?  I know many of you will say, “Yes!  I chose the school well.”  But I challenge you to continue teaching your children values that will benefit them and the world in the long-run.  One can not trust schools to teach everything to the student, after all, schools are buildings;  teachers are human and teachers oft-times teach children their values, which if not checked, become the values of the student.  This is why you’ll see me say, “Teach children (and adults) HOW to think, not what to think.”

When we learn that we have not only the right to question, but the obligation to question, then our future will become better.  When you find that there are some that don’t want you to think – to reason why, then you’ll know who your oppressor truly is.

More on this subject later.

Have a wonderful day…  and THINK!


The links below are good, but I don’t necessarily agree on every point given.  Parents still need to question what is taught their children – if you, as the parent want your children to manifest a wonderful future.