Circling the Drain



There is an expression I used to hear a lot, “This is a wonderful time to be alive!”, but nowadays, I hear that a lot less.  It used to be that life in our recent past was an absolutely wonderful time to be alive – the possibilities were outstanding to do almost anything.  Today, I’d venture to say that most people will agree with this.  Now there are more vacant homes/apartments than there are homeless – and there are millions of homeless families… including children.

In the U.S., there used to be legitimate concern about immigrants from the south going to the U.S. for work, usually as farm laborers.  Now that the U.S., and many countries worldwide are experiencing drastic changes in the weather, especially this summer of drought (50% is what I’ve read in the news), many immigrants are now returning to their native homes, but the U.S. is still waging a war on immigrants.  Here’s another thought:  the only two states that can possibly grow tropical fruits that most Americans enjoy are Florida and California – but most of southern California is desert, which is the reason that California has to take its water from States such as Colorado.  Most of the tomatoes the U.S. enjoys comes from Mexico.  But most of the tropical fruits and vegetables are from places such as Mexico and the Central American countries… which the U.S., through its fascist influence controls.  If you think the last sentence is far-fetched, just research it… you can start here:

Elected politicians around the globe are supposed to govern for the betterment of the people who elected them to their posts.  Far too often, many of these politicians prove to be self-serving, leaving the people who put them into office to the fate and destiny of greed.  Within that same line of thinking, we hear those with power and money stating something along the lines of, “… and we seek to help the poor…”.  Who created the poor?  Who is living a lavish life while others are barely finding a morsel of food to eat?  If your politicians aren’t fascist, why is it the corporations are spending millions to say they’re justly working for the good of the people, while doing just the opposite?  Why don’t the politicians and the caretakers of our laws – including judges – stand by the laws they swore to uphold?  As George Carlin once stated, “We don’t have rights, we have privileges.

For those of us that believe, or as I prefer, know there is a Source for all that is, let’s take a look at something that I consider to be a bit profound:

In the Torah, or if you prefer, the Bible, our “scriptural history” begins with Genesis – the beginning.  Herein we find all that our Source has created.  I find it a bit curious that of all the things created by our Source, the two things that we value the most were not created by this Great Being;

1. Religion – nowhere will you find this Great Being saying, or have said, “This is my religion, and this is how I want you to worship me.”  For me, it seems that our Source has embedded within us the knowledge we need to know about It (I’m sorry if you don’t like the word “It”, but how does one describe a Being that we’ve never seen, but has the ability to create and maintain everything?), but because man has invented religions, we get programmed to believe the thoughts and for some, the machinations of one or more people.  From birth, we know how to laugh, but more importantly, we already know how to love – we have to be taught how to hate (see some of my previous posts for more examples of this).  IF we really want to know our Source, why not seek to know It on Its own terms?  If all you’re doing is basing your whole relationship on writings, you’re no better than a robot – following instructions to their logical end… obedience without understanding.

2. Money – Simple: since people always seem to want to feel that they’ve gotten a fair trade for something… “my cow is worth more than your bushel-basket of apples…”, mankind found that gold, a rare metal, is worthy of trade.  So now, we see the greed and hording of “precious metals” to be the sum value for those that can afford it… while the rest of us think the paper and pieces of inexpensive metal coins in our pockets and purses have value.  Haven’t you noticed that this paper (or fabric made to look like paper) and the coins, and the precious metals and minerals so many value today is worth more to many than a human life?

We are no longer in that, “Wonderful time to be alive” state… unless you like pain and suffering… or you like watching the pain and suffering of others.  We are now in a time where we’re circling the drain:

"If someone is circling the drain, they are very near death and have 
little time to live. The phrase can also describe a project or plan
or campaign that is on the brink of failure."

If you, the reader, don’t change your way of thinking, you along with everyone else that chooses to remain in the “status quo” will deserve all the negative that is to come.  I for one, choose

  • Love
  • Freedom (in the broad sense) for all
  • Peace for all
  • A wonderful future that is yet to come.

All the best!