How you Travel



My mother is a fundamentalist Christian – I am neither.  To my mothers dismay, I will not return to the life she thinks is best for me.

We often find people who believe that the way they live is exactly how everyone should live.  Heck, most of our governments are trying this way of “socializing” the masses as we read this.  While many people around the world willingly follow the lead or advice of others, rather blindly – blindly giving their choices, or if you will, their “free will” to someone they think has their best interest at heart, only to find out too late…..

The point is, whether you believe in G-d, or not, whatever choices you make – either by standing up for something you believe in, or you give your free will to someone else, you will in some way or another, have to give an account for decisions.  So my question to you is, do want to be responsible for your decisions, or would you rather be responsible for the decisions someone made for you?  Remember, it’s your choice to make a decision, or to have someone do it for you.

As for me, I’d rather be responsible for my own decisions – right or wrong, I either reap the benefits of my decisions, or pay the cost for my failures, but I own my decisions, no one else.