Intelligence and…



Mankind usually prides itself in its own intelligence, believing that it’s the top of the food chain, the smartest animal on earth… we subjugate our environment, move mountains, build cities, areas of commerce and playgrounds for children and adults, yet with all of our abilities, our intelligence… when we’re honest with ourselves, we see that we have the capacity to be equally as… stupid.

In our desire to conquer and rule, we’ve destroyed a once beautiful planet – the air we breathe is tainted; the water we drink has to be treated because WE have polluted it so much that we have to clean it after we’ve used it to make our machines.  We kill each other over ideals and disputes that in the long run will prove to be idiotic.  Right now, right now in August 2012, the majority of people in this world want to return to a system of life that has brought us to where we are – RIGHT NOW.  We have the ability to bring about a complete change, to stop the hatred, the greed, declination… all the negative things that have given us our present, but we’re intent on trying to fix what’s broken with the broken tools that got us here.

There have been prophets from all walks of life that have told us what to expect… and some messages have been repeated by various people throughout our history.  Have we listened?  Of course not, we’re too arrogant to see what’s in front of us, and too stubborn to admit our faults and short comings.  We can NO LONGER pass the blame: we can NO LONGER wait for someone else to “fix the problem”.  Just look around you and tell me who can or will fix the mess we’re in?  The mess WE allowed to happen.

We deserve what we get, every drop.



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